The City of Terror Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 - Poking the Hornet's Nest

        After finding out this point, he sat there in a daze. The hunger from releasing electricity would have needed him at least six packs of hard tacks to satisfy. However, with just four mouthfuls of the Shangfu's blood, his hunger had immediately disappeared. Excitement welled up from within him. The tiredness from the previous battle had left,and instead, his body became filled with vitality.

        Afterwards, Wei Xiao Bei concentrated on his status panel.

        A slight change had already occured on his status panel.

        The battlelog of him killing the Shangfu needn't be mentioned especially as Wei Xiao Bei discovered that his health and endurance had amazingly increased.

        His health had increased by 0.2 points, while his endurance, by 0.3 points. Because of the increase in these two attributes, Wei Xiao Bei's vitality was now at 15 points.

        Without a doubt, this increase in his attribute was not random, but actually the benefits of drinking the Shangfu's blood.

        Converting the points, he worked out that it was equivalent to 50 evolution points.

        He also gained 80 evolution points from killing it. Compared to the Thunder Worm's 100 evolution point, it seemed a less, but the total evolution points gained had actually surpa.s.sed the Thunder Worm's.

        Naturally, drinking the Thunder Worm's body fluids could have had a similar benefit, but thinking about its corrosiveness and stench, Wei Xiao Bei would have respectfully declined.

        After wasting a bit more time, Wei Xiao Bei dissected the Shangfu, but did not discover anything of value.

        Wei Xiao Bei thought about it for a bit. He felt that this was not strange at all. Those creatures that gave strange meatb.a.l.l.s, they all had some kind of special ability. The Elite Fishman was able to shoot out a water jet; The Thunder Worm was capable of generating electricity; The Fiendish Man Fish had the ability to confuse the enemy.

        This three-headed, six-legged Shangfu did not have anything like that. The only thing it had was its speed and strength, which were, in itself, quite poor. If it was the Wei Xiao Bei from before, he would have probably died from its attacks, but now that his Bajiquan had risen to master level, it wasn't even qualified to face him.

        Naturally, if Wei Xiao Bei had not stayed as calm or struck it hard as he did, it would have probably been able to make a comeback.

        Even though he did not find a strange meatball, Wei Xiao Bei was not in dismay. He simply carried the Shangfu's corpse back to the street of his apartment. He did not return back to his room, instead he searched other yards for worn out wooden beds and doors. He collected them all in one place and began to cut the Shangfu's meat using his trusty  small knife. With everything in place, he started a fire and began cooking the Shangfu. In total, he had gained 15kg of dried meat. 

The Shangfu was close to a human's size, so being able to obtain 15kg of dried meat after cutting off its head and draining its blood was already not bad.

        Although he was not hungry, Wei Xiao Bei tasted the cooked meat and nodded in approval. His own survival skills had yet to rust after leaving the army.

        The jerky was a pleasant surprise for Wei Xiao Bei. The meat had even contained a bit of the deliciousness from the Shangfu's blood. Eating a bit was enough to feel his body surge with vitality.

        Thinking about the worth of the Shangfu meat, We Xiao Bei thought it was definitely not of low value.

        As the jerky was very firm, after filling his bag up with it, he was also able to store the Shangfu's beak, claws, feathers and others.

        The Shangfu's beak and claws were very hard. They did not even receive a scratch under the force of Wei Xiao Bei and his pitchfork. Wei Xiao Bei thought of turning them into arrowheads, while placing the long feathers on the end of the arrow to increase its stability.

        This was because being excessively dependent on close combat was not a good thing.

        It was especially true from today's experience. If it had not been because the Shangfu lost its cool and charged out from the fog, Wei Xiao Bei would have been troubled.

        As a result, he needed a method to fight from a longer range. Fighting long range would be greatly beneficial when exploring The Dust World. It would help him kill his enemies faster and protect himself easier.

        From the ancient past, human ancestors borrowed the power of bows and arrows to close the gap between them and fierce beasts. The result was that they became rulers over all living things, and leaders of the world!

        Of course, back then, no one would have imagined the extent of the impact of the bow and arrow.

        With a bow and arrow, the human ancestors grouped up, often with more than ten people at a time, to kill tigers, black bears, and other wild beasts. If they had only relied on their sharpened sticks, they would probably not have even be able to kill them at all.

        The ancient method of hunting, archery, was something that Wei Xiao Bei had never dabbled in before. However, there was no need to worry. He had a master and fellow disciples around him. If he wanted to seek advice, it would not be hard. In the worst case scenario where his master and fellow disciples did not know archery, he could just earn more money by underground fighting and hire an archery master to teach him.

        After putting away his things, Wei Xiao Bei returned to his room and hid the jerky under his bed.

        Although his strength was similar to that of a middleweight boxer, carrying 15kg of dried meat while exploring was not really a good idea.

        After emptying his backpack, he brought one of the chicken heads and returned to the food street. He saw that the mist still filled the air and after searching for awhile, he picked up a broken brick and threw it in the mist.

        The palm-sized brick quickly flew into the mist. After a short moment, he heard the sharp sound of it hitting something.

        Soon, the cry of chickens echoed from within the fog.

        Wei Xiao Bei smirked as soon as he heard it, and threw the chicken head towards the edge of the fog.

        His throw was like poking a hornet's nest. Immediately afterwards, two black shadows appeared from the mist and gathered near the chicken head.

        Wei Xiao bei smirk slowly became slightly forced.

        Before this, he had planned to lure out more hidden Shangfu's with the chicken head. He  never imagined that he would lure out two of them at the same time.

        After seeing the chicken head, the two Shangfu's immediately let out a loud cry. Soon the 6 heads fixed their total of 12 eyes on Wei Xiao Bei.

        In the next moment, they charged towards Wei Xiao Bei while flapping their wings.

        Wei Xiao Bei's body moved in front of one of the Shangfu and seized the chance to pierce it with the pitchfork.

        After killing one of them, he had gained a lot of experience. The pitchfork in his hands moved even smoother than before.

        Although his attack was not enough to seriously injure it, it had hit one of its wings. Wei Xiao Bei took the chance to pull out the pitchfork, drawing blood.

The City of Terror Chapter 54

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