The City of Terror Chapter 232 - I Am A Mummy?

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Chapter 232 - I am a mummy?

    Wei Xiao Bei speechlessly looked at his own body. The majority had been covered in white gauze making him look like a mummy that had been dug out from a pyramid. It was no wonder that his [Moisture Absorption] became less effective as his body became isolated from the atmosphere.

    Hearing Wei Xiao Bei's words, Zhu Xin Yi hurriedly grabbed a cup of water and carefully lifted his head up as she began to feed him it.

    At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei tried to sense his own body. The wound had been wrapped so medicine should have been applied. Since his back was itching, the wound should be closing and scabbed a bit.

    Other than being a bit weaker, there was no other problem.

    After drinking water, the door to the room opened, and someone entered.

    It was second senior apprentice brother, Zhang Zhi Long.

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei wake up, Zhang Zhi Long's face had a happy expression. He immediately tried to feed Wei Xiao Bei the bowl of medicine that he had just brought in.

    Zhu Xin Yi hurriedly took it and made Wei Xiao Bei open his mouth.

    Wei Xiao Bei let out a bitter smile. If he had known that he was going to drink medicine, he would not have drunk water. Although his status far normal people, his stomach was not a Small Holding Bag.

    However, no matter what was said, he still drank the medicine.

    After asking a few question, he understood what had happened when he came out of the Dust World.

    When he had returned from the Dust World and appeared in reality, his entire body was riddled with injuries and did not wake up. This had frightened Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun as they prepared to bring him to a hospital.

    Luckily, Zhang Zhi Long had returned.

    In China, many Guo Shu Experts also had great medical skills.

    Zhang Zhi Long had also learned medicine before. After seeing that Wei Xiao Bei's wound was still healing itself, he was not worried. He also knew that if Wei Xiao Bei had been brought to a hospital, it would attract trouble, so he had personally treated Wei Xiao Bei's injury and applied medicine and gauze.

    However, because Wei Xiao Bei's body was in an extremely weakened state, he had slept for four days before waking up. The food that they fed him were liquid food, so this way his healing would stay optimal.

    I had slept for four days?

    It's no wonder that my injury had mostly healed.

    Since Wei Xiao Bei woke up without any problems, Zhang Zhi Long once again left.

    According to him, he had found a few possible ways to enter the Dust World so he had been testing it out, so he did not have time to accompany Wei Xiao Bei anymore.

    Seeing Zhang Zhi Long's departing figure, Wei Xiao Bei sighed.

    He felt as if his senior apprentice brother had been possessed by something.

    If it was Mao An Ge or the BMW guy, they would never be willing to enter the Dust World. However, a willing person like Zhang Zhi Long still could not find how to go in.

    I hope that second senior apprentice brother's wish would come true this time.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not have any means to do so at the moment, so he could only wish his senior apprentice brother good luck.

    In the next few days, Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi trained everyday before the sun rose. Other than eating, sleeping, and taking short breaks, they did nothing else.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that the time he took for resting was too wasteful if he did not use them.

    Thus, he had once again conducted a special training session for them, leading to Huang Kun calling him a demon.

    Wei Xiao Bei could not partic.i.p.ate at all. Other than training his Qi every morning, he would mostly lie down on the bed and look through the materials he had collected in his phone. He would look at them while giving his disciples pointers.

    With Wei Xiao Bei's martial attainment, the two disciples did not have any problems.

    When the two of them were resting, they would exchange notes.

    The only thing left was whether the two of them had the tenacity to persevere.

    “Huang Kun!”

    With a loud shout, Wei Xiao Bei had shown that he was angry.

    The cause was Huang Kun who just tripped on the ground and planned to lie down for a period of time and relax a bit.

    However, he never imagined that his master could catch him slacking off even while he was looking at the phone. Huang Kun's body trembled as he quickly got up and continued to spar with Zhu Xin Yi.

    It must be known that the last time he had slacked off, the ending was not pretty.

    He had been hit by Wei Xiao Bei on his thighs. The pain lasted for 15 minutes, and the feeling was very unpleasant, even lying down did not help.

    Compared to Huang Kun, Zhu Xin Yi's talent was higher.

    At first, Huang Kun could knock down Zhu Xin Yi a few times when they were sparing.

    However, Zhu Xin Yi did not get discouraged at all. Even if her body was black and blue, she was not willing to give up and got up to fight again.

    Just like that, Huang Kun had felt a bit of fear for Zhu Xin Yi.

    Moreover, Zhu Xin Yi's skills increased faster. Currently, when Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi fought, Huang Kun could suppress her with strength, but their battle would end up in a 4:6 split.

    Huang Kun would knock down Zhu Xin Yi 6-7 times, while Zhu Xin Yi could knock him down 3-4 times. In this, Zhu Xin Yi's tenacity was a great a.s.sistance to her.

    In these few days, other than recuperating and looking through his materials, Wei Xiao Bei had also been pondering a few things.

    First, Wei Xiao Bei prepared to gild his great spear.

    For this, he needed a few things. After all, his great spear could not conduct electricity. Compared to other metallic objects, gilding the great spear was a bit problematic.

    In the end, he had found a specialized workshop that gilded objects. The price was not cheap, but it had saved him a lot of trouble.

    Just the materials alone would be hard to procure since Wei Xiao Bei wanted something that was resistant to corrosion and rust.

    For this reason, Wei Xiao Bei had gone to the small workshop.

    The small workshop was located in a village under Cui Hu City. The village developed at the same pace as Cui Hu City and became a satellite village.

    Many factories, storehouses, and other infrastructures moved to this place from Cui Hu City.

    When Wei Xiao Bei went there, he used the mini van and took out the great spear at an earlier time. He had placed away the spearhead and wrapped the handle in newspaper with the words 'Special Imitation Material' written on it.

    With these words written, the workshop's boss should not be suspicious about what it was.

    The boss looked at its length and quoted the price as 1000 yuan.

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately gave him 2000 yuan. His only request was to gild the spear handle such that it won't rust or corrode. Finally, he also said that there should be less electrical resistance.

    The boss of the workshop did not feel suspicious at Wei Xiao Bei's request.

    For a small workshop, there were many different kinds of people making requests. Some would request filming equipment or laboratory equipment. In short, as long as the customer had money and they could do the job, all matters were simple.

    In order to make Wei Xiao Bei feel that he was getting his money's worth, the boss had used all his effort and gilded the spear handle a few times.

    First, he applied a gold-mercury solution and let it evaporate. This made the spear handle become golden-bright.

    Afterwards, he plated it in layers of silver, then chromium, and other metals.

    Soon, the boss of the workshop came out with the spear handle and guaranteed that the color won't fade for 10 years.

    Wei Xiao Bei curled his lips in his heart.

    He doesn't even know how this will be used, yet he makes such a guarantee?

    That said, Wei Xiao Bei did not have a high demand on the gilding. As long as the gilding could last for a while and conduct electricity, it was already good enough.

    As for other requests, they were only supplementary.

    When he returned, Wei Xiao Bei bought a set of acupuncture needles and even moxibustion wood from the pharmacy.

Wei Xiao Bei had already read many things about acupuncture and moxibustion. With his [Medicine] skill, he had already learned how to do them.

    However, if these things were not put into practice, it would be impossible to truly learn them.

    After returning to the dojo, he called out to his disciples who were still fighting, telling them that he would help them alleviate their tiredness.

    Hearing his words, Huang Kun became slightly happy and thought that their master was preparing to ma.s.sage them.

    On the other hand, Zhu Xin Yi also had the same thoughts, but her face blushed red.

    “Lie down properly, else if I make a mistake in inserting the needle, the one suffering would be you.”

    What Huang Kun never imagined was that his master's so-called alleviating tiredness was not a ma.s.sage but acupuncture.

    After removing his clothes and lying down, Huang Kun turned his head and looked at the long needle in Wei Xiao Bei's hand. He immediately felt his bladder clench tightly.

    The reason was simple.

    There was one thing he had feared from small to now.


    Just looking at the s.h.i.+ning needle was enough to make Huang Kun nervous and sweat.

    Seeing Huang Kun's reaction, Wei Xiao Bei came to an understanding.

    After reading many medical cases, he understood that Huang Kun was the archetypical sharp vertigo.

    The so-called sharp vertigo referred to how patients receive vertigo after seeing sharp objects.

    In simpler terms, if they see needles, they would be scared, and their brains would receive vertigo.

    People with serious cases would even feel dizzy just by the thought of a needle entering them.

    The sickness was not really a big problem. It was just a symptom of the psych, and it was not even recognized as a psychological illness.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei would not allow his disciples to have such a glaring weakness.

    If it continued on and Huang Kun fought an enemy that used needles, wouldn't he just directly surrender?

    Wei Xiao Bei pressed his left hand on Huang Kun's back. He lightly poked the back with his fingers and Huang Kun immediately cried out. After dispersing Huang Kun's attention like this, Huang Kun never noticed that the needle had already been inserted into his neck by Wei Xiao Bei's right hand.

    “Don't move, it's already in.”

    Wei Xiao Bei was slightly worried that Huang Kun did not know the severity of struggling.

    Who knew that when the needle was inserted, Huang Kun's face would immediately become pale. Then he carefully looked at Wei Xiao Bei and saw that anther needle was in his hands. He closed his eyes and waited for the needle to be inserted. This gave him a pleasant surprise.

Suddenly, Huang Kun felt that he was not that afraid of needles anymore.

The City of Terror Chapter 232 - I Am A Mummy?

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