The City of Terror Chapter 407

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Chapter 407 – Ice Heart

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 However, Wei Xiao Bei expressed that children of Huang Kun's age are stubborn and that as his mother, Zhou Rong should also try to persuade him.

In the end, Zhou Rong had also invited Wei Xiao Bei, inviting him to go to Denmark and attend her engagement ceremony.

The engagement ceremony would be conducted in half a month.

Wei Xiao Bei roughly understood Zhou Rong's intent, which was to settle the issue with Huang Kun in half a month. Afterward, everyone would happily attend the engagement ceremony in Denmark.

He placed himself in Huang Kun's shoes to better understand the situation. Let alone one month, it would probably take more than half a year to deal with the kid.

Thus, Wei Xiao Bei became interested in the fiancee who could make Zhou Rong willing to part with her son.

In the end, Zhou Rong did not hide it from him after he asked. She shyly said that his name was Peter Gustav Adolf.

 Gustav Adolf?

Wei Xiao Bei could not help but blank out as he felt that the name was familiar.

After hanging up the phone, he searched the internet and immediately became stupefied.

Gustav Adolf was the Denmark royal family's customary name. There had been many kings with the same name. Naturally, their first names were different.

 Could it be a member of the royal family?

Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei immediately understood.

It's no wonder that Zhou Rong was so proactive. She was truly worthy to be called a big shot in the business world.

If it was possible to get married to a foreign royal family, leaving aside their feelings, Zhou Rong could be labeled as some princess and could even gain the t.i.tle of d.u.c.h.ess, or something like that.

In these times, if someone had a name like this in China, doing business would be easy.

Just look at England's Princess Diana, her t.i.tle as the people's princess was a glorious one.

Moreover, Denmark was one of the largest suppliers of cold-water fish in the world. In the future, Zhou Rong's company would be able to easily gain a supply of high-quality fish.

Additionally, it was said that the members of the current Denmark royal family were quite attractive. With that, it could be said that Zhou Rong had gained a lot.

In short, for a divorced woman, this kind of marriage was the definition of perfection.

Wei Xiao Bei looked at the sleeping Huang Kun. He could not help but smile as he thought how Huang Kun might be given the t.i.tle of earl or little prince.

 Wasn't this just great?

Wei Xiao Bei suffered from rare insomnia that night and fell asleep at three in the morning. Then before five, he had been woken up by Huang Kun training in the practice grounds.

After waking up, he could not go back to sleep anymore and sighed at how he had been tangled in this mother-son problem.

After taking a bath, he might as well bring Huang Kun to Feng Tou Mountains.

While driving, he had been thinking of how to persuade Huang Kun.

Now, the matter was very clear. As long as the so-called Peter Gustav Adolf was not a liar, then it would be impossible for Zhou Rong to stop this marriage.

This was not only the problem of her marriage but it also concerned her entire company's future. Who knows if this might also affect Cui Hu City's GDP?

If Huang Kun truly made a desperate move, he might be able to stop it. However, doing so would make his life miserable. Zhou Rong would not only spank his b.u.t.t hard, but she might also lock him up for more than half a year, and that might not even be able to calm her rage. She might even secretly conduct the marriage without him, leaving him powerless to stop it.

Thus, it would be better for Huang Kun to accept this truth, making things easier to deal with.

After thinking about it, Wei Xiao Bei thought of a good way to deal with him.

When they reached mountains and walked up, Huang Kun had been captivated by the scenery.

The scenery of the Feng Tou Mountain could be described as absolutely beautiful. The only problem was that it was too far from the city, making it inconvenient to go there from Cui Hu City.

After jogging up the mountain, they both reached the mountain peak. Then Wei Xiao Bei presented to him the poem that Li Bai had carved at the top of the peak, influencing Huang Kun a bit.

Then Wei Xiao Bei gave pointers to Huang Kun on training.

After sparring and finis.h.i.+ng with stance training, Wei Xiao Bei became stunned when he saw Huang Kun standing on the spot without moving. After taking another look, he was pleasantly surprised.

Huang Kun had broken through!

This was something Wei Xiao Bei had not imagined.

Many stories in cla.s.sic martial arts literature described how Guo Shu experts would breakthrough as a result of great happiness or great sorrow. However, Wei Xiao Bei had never believed this and thought it was something that the later generation made up.

If you think about it, it should not be possible.

 Under that kind of fluctuating mood, one should not even be able to enter into a proper stance, how could one even breakthrough?

However, Huang Kun's change today had opened Wei Xiao Bei's eyes. Just because he could not do it, does not mean that others could not.

Negative Jing!

Soon, Huang Kun opened his eyes and saw Wei Xiao Bei's excitement.

There was no doubt breaking through to negative jing would make a middle schooler very happy.

“Master, watch my move!”

In the next moment, Huang Kun pounced at Wei Xiao Bei like a leopard.

Naturally, even with his newfound strength, it was still impossible for Huang Kun to be a threat to Wei Xiao Bei. He waited for Huang Kun's fist and caught it with his left hand and squeezed it.

“Ouch! Spare me, master! Ouch!”

In an instant, Huang Kun turned from a leopard into a whining cub.

This could not be helped as the difference in strength between them was too great.

Even if Wei Xiao Bei let Huang Kun attack him, Huang Kun might not even break through his defense.

Wei Xiao Bei's current body was simply inhuman.

“Boy, you know what strength is now right? Although breaking through to negative jing was worthy of celebration, you must still guard against pride and impatience. Go stabilize your realm.”

Wei Xiao Bei immediately beat this into Huang Kun's skull, causing Huang Kun to feel dizzy. He thought that he was unparalleled under heaven but accidentally hit a wall.

Ultimately, Wei Xiao Bei still cared about his disciple.

When Huang Kun finally expressed pain, only then did Wei Xiao Bei stop beating him. Toward a middle schooler, beatings should not be too excessive or it would harm their psyche.

“Huang Kun, if your mother gave you benefits, would you agree to her marriage?”

Wei Xiao Bei hesitated and might as well just get straight to the point when he threw this question at Huang Kun.

After hearing it, Huang Kun immediately said, “Never!”

“You have grown so big already. Your mother must also have her own life. Could it be that you still need to be fed milk?”

Wei Xiao Bei's words immediately caused Huang Kun to jump, “I know, but my heart is telling me no.”

“Then if I gave you benefits, would you accept it?”

Saying this, Wei Xiao Bei took out an ice sculpted heart and placed it on top of his hand.

This was the Ice Heart that Wei Xiao Bei gained when he killed the Frost Giants back in the World Tree.

Huang Kun's strength was a bit behind Zhu Xin Yi. He had already planned to help him and the Ice Heart was the best treasure to do this.

After eating the Ice Heart, one would be able to gain the power of ice similar to the Frost Giants.

This kind of special skill was almost the same as Wei Xiao Bei's [Release Electricity]. Moreover, for an expert like Huang Kun, the benefits were huge.

As long as he could touch enemies, the power of coldness would enter the enemy's body. From then, it would slow down the enemy and stiffen their bodies.

“Master, what is this?”

Huang Kun had wanted to reject his master, but after the Ice Heart was taken out, the ice heart had absorbed the warmth everywhere and caused the surrounding temperature to drop. This was not something simple ice could do.

There was no doubt that the heart is a treasure.

Huang Kun knew that the object his master took out would never be bad. However, it had contradicted his feelings toward his mother. Thus he asked what the object was. If it was priceless, Huang Kun was not an idiot and would gladly take it.

“Ice Heart. This is a treasure that I had obtained by chance. It could be said that it is near impossible for me to obtain another. If you eat this, you can gain the power of ice.”

Saying until here, Wei Xiao Bei extended his hand and caused blue sparks to fly, making Huang Kun envious.

“Do you see this? The power of ice is a similar special skill to my electricity. Naturally, I am not an unreasonable person. If you are not willing, then I will give this to your senior apprentice sister. I remember that her birthday is about to arrive.”

At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei did not panic. He knew that he had succeeded once he saw Huang Kun's face. He only needed to act cool.

 What? If I don't want it master will give it to senior apprentice sister?

Huang Kun did not wait anymore and quickly grabbed onto his master's arm, “Master, how could I dare refuse you. What you say goes. Can you give this object to me?”

Huang Kun became impatient and grabbed the Ice Heart. As a result, he could not bear the frost, but he was unwilling to let go and would prefer to hold it with both hands.

Seeing this, Wei Xiao Bei bitterly smiled and slapped up Huang Kun's hand to make him heat it.

The Ice Heart was not a toy.

Other than in certain environments, it would continue absorbing the surrounding temperature.

In other words, if Huang Kun did not quickly eat it, things would become troublesome. The low surface temperature of the Ice Heart was enough to make Huang Kun unable to swallow it.

The City of Terror Chapter 407

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