The City of Terror Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 - Fiendish Man Fish

A hemp rope, a dry reed stalk, a thin needle as the fishhook, and the club were put together by Wei Xiao Bei to form a simple fis.h.i.+ng rod.

The reed stalk was hooked onto the fishhook as bait.

The reed stalk originally had its own sweetness, but Wei Xiao Bei had also bit his thumb and painted it with his blood. By doing this, it should be able to entice more fish to come.

He casted the wooden club, and the fishhook entered the murky water with the bait.

Wei Xiao Bei kept his sight on the reed floater.

Although he was not an expert in fis.h.i.+ng, he more or less had a bit of knowledge on it.

The reed floater soon made violent movements. In a few moments, the reed floater had sunk into the water, and even the top part of the club had entered the water.

A strong force came through. If Wei Xiao Bei had not kept his vigilance, the wooden club might have been dragged into the water.

Could this be a big catch?

Wei Xiao Bei was pleasantly surprised at this thought. This was, after all, the joyous feeling of a hunter when his prey had been caught in a trap.

Soon after, the pulling force from the water grew stronger. Wei Xiao Bei needed to concentrate all of his attention just to stop the wooden club from leaving his hand.

He was also lucky that the hemp rope was thick enough, although it was not as good as a normal fis.h.i.+ng line, it was enough to bear the current pulling force.

The hemp rope stretched and rocked in the water, as if there was a giant monster in the water pulling it.

Gradually, the force under the water weakened. Wei Xiao Bei took this opportunity to strongly yank it. A cras.h.i.+ng sound could be heard from the water surface. He saw a black figure streak across the sky being pulled by the hemp rope , landing on the ground with its thick arm still gripping the rope.

The black figure struggled and jumped about on dry land. Wei Xiao Bei took this chance to hit it with the wooden club twice.

The two hits were not light by any means. The black figure's struggle became weaker after these two heavy attacks.

It was only then that Wei Xiao Bei carefully sized up the fish he caught…… This fish was completely different from any of the fish he knew, and the types of fish that Wei Xiao Bei had seen before were not few.

He had seen many variations of carps and even the famous chinese sturgeons before.

However, the thing that was slowly struggling on the ground could not actually be defined as a fish.

It was 30 centimeters long with thick arms. Its entire body was covered by a layer of blue membrane. It had a human head the size of a fist, but the facial features were visible, even the mole between its brows could be seen. Apart from this, it had two arms with eyes on the end instead of hands. Its pupils were white, and instead of a tail, it had a human's hand.

This strange human-headed fish looked extremely sinister. It even bared its sharp teeth at Wei Xiao Bei.

In fact, it looked like a randomly a.s.sembled miniature human being.

Wei Xiao Bei was forced to gain knowledge about this world. However, this strange human headed fish made the hair on his back stand on its ends. His body suddenly could not move from the gooseb.u.mps.

He suddenly noticed that the human-headed fish seemed to be growing bigger. Its rows of sharp teeth were slowly reaching towards him, as if his head was being sucked into its mouth.

At this moment, a current of electricity came from Wei Xiao Bei's body. A weak electricity exploded in between Wei Xiao Bei and the strange human headed fish.


Wei Xiao Bei was immediately freed from his bewitched state.

However, Wei Xiao Bei's entire body felt tired and weak. Although he did not know what had happened, his first reaction was to grab the wooden club and fiercely smash the strange human-headed fish.

One hit, two hits, three hits……..

After ten hits, Wei Xiao Bei ran out of strength and let go of the wooden club, his entire body becoming limp.

However, even when he was in a weakened state such as this, he did not let go of his guard, staring at the human-headed fish.

The strange human-headed fish was now beaten beyond recognition. It was definitely dead. A strange smell began to fill the air while carrying a faint fragrance.


Wei Xiao Bei couldn't help become excited when he smelled this fragrance.

He had already smelled this familiar yet unfamiliar fragrance a few times already.

This meant that the the human-headed fish was bound to have something good in its body like the Thunder Worm Electric Ball and the Fishman Water Ball.

Wei Xiao Bei forced himself to stand up. He grabbed the dagger on his waist and dissected the human-headed fish.

This was not hard thing to do as the human-headed fish's death had softened its body. With a light cut, he had been able to slice it in half.

After searching for a while, Wei Xiao Bei found a strange meat ball.

It did not look that much like a meatball. It would be more accurate to call it a human head shaped meatball.

Its appearance was that of an extremely pretty head with a face that carried a deathly still smile.

f.u.c.k! What kind of thing is this. 

Wei Xiao Bei couldn't help curse it in his heart. 

When he had taken out the object, his Items on hand status changed.

Items on hand: Fiendish Man Fish Essence

Fiendish Man Fish Essence?

Seeing this name, Wei Xiao Bei was a bit suspicious and immediately placed his attention on it.

A small description soon appeared in his mind.

Fiendish Man Fish Essence: Essence of a Fiendish Man Fish, Not poisonous. Has a slight fantasy creation side effect.

The description was not that clear, but at the very least, he was able to know what the strange human-headed fish was called.

Fiendish Man Fis.h.!.+

This Fiendish Man Fish was trash if it was not in water. When it is pulled ash.o.r.e, anyone could easily put it to death.

However, Wei Xiao Bei also knew that dealing with the hallucination that he saw was not easy. He even had a premonition that he would be dead if he did not release his electricity at that moment.

If this was all taken into consideration, this Fiendish Man Fish's fighting strength was greater than those Fishmen.

Under the influence of the hallucination, even a martial arts expert like Chen Bi Wu would not be able to resist it.

Should I eat it?

Wei Xiao Bei hesitated a bit. He did not have anymore doubts at the description provided by the status panel. Since it said that it was not poisonous, then there would definitely be no poison.

The problem was that the Fiendish Man Fish Essence was disgusting to look at, especially its pretty miniature human head shape!

Right now, Wei Xiao Bei was probably feeling the same as Tang Seng from Journey to the West, when he was eating Ginseng Fruit.

The City of Terror Chapter 28

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