Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 1238 - The Third Trial 3

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Chapter 1238 The Third Trial 3

The crown prince narrowed his eyes and stared at Feng Wu in an intimidating manner.“Teehee —”

Feng Wu returned that ferocious look with her brightest smile.

Her smile already looked like the most brilliant spring flower; no one could bring themselves to hurt her when they saw it, let alone Jun Linyuan, who was in love with her.

The smile made his heart skip a beat, but he kept his face expressionless when he stared at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu grinned. “Your Royal Highness, look, aren’t I prettier than your book?”

This girl…

Tch. The crown prince rolled his eyes at her.

The girl could be as hot as fire at times, but colder than ice the next moment. Jun Linyuan almost thought that she was split into two different individuals.

Feng Wu looked at him with her bright eyes and tugged at his sleeve. “Your Royal Highness, I mean it. Please look at me.”

Jun Linyuan didn’t know what to say.

When it came to sweet talk, this girl was better than ten Zuo Qingluans put together.

“What do you need from me this time?” Jun Linyuan knew that the girl had to be here for a reason.

Feng Wu rubbed her chin. “Well, Your Royal Highness, are you going to help me regardless of what I ask you to do?”

Jun Linyuan smiled indifferently. “What do you think?”

Feng Wu snorted inwardly. She realized that Jun Linyuan had put up his guard and was no longer that easily fooled.

“Your Royal Highness… look —”

Feng Wu pointed at the ceiling, where a bird had flown in without them noticing.

She looked pleasantly surprised. “Your Royal Highness, I’m too short to catch it. How about you —”

Meanwhile, Little Phoenix, who had disguised itself as a common bird, shouted inwardly, “My dear young master, that’s such a lame excuse!”

The bird was right. The crown prince moved his fingers even before Feng Wu finished talking.

His long, fair fingers seemed to have magic. Before Feng Wu realized it, Little Phoenix was in his hand.

The bird was smaller than a fist and fit perfectly in Jun Linyuan’s palm.

Holding the bird, Jun Linyuan raised his eyebrows and glanced at Feng Wu indifferently. “Does it run away from you a lot?”

Feng Wu said, “Yes.”

The crown prince said, “And you can’t catch it.”

Feng Wu said, “Yes.”

Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes and said slowly, “Then what good is it? I’ll just kill it.”

Little Phoenix was already frightened in Jun Linyuan’s hand, and those words almost made its heart jump out of its throat.

The bird was almost in tears.

Feng Wu caught Jun Linyuan’s hand immediately. “Your Royal Highness, p- please don’t…”

There was something cold in Jun Linyuan’s voice when he said, “Did you just call me ‘Your Royal Highness’?”

Feng Wu said, “I – I mean, Brother Jun, let’s just set it free. We should always have mercy.”

Jun Linyuan looked as beautiful as ever when he heaved a sigh. “I can clip its wings. That way, it’ll never escape again.”

After that, he actually picked up Little Phoenix’s delicate wings.

Oh, no!

Feng Wu was almost in tears. Holding Jun Linyuan’s sleeve, she said hastily, “Brother Jun, let’s talk like civilized people, alright?”

Jun Linyuan finally gave Little Phoenix back to Feng Wu after much pleading.

Feng Wu held the bird with both hands; the little thing had curled up and was trembling from an instinctive fear of Jun Linyuan.

Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 1238 - The Third Trial 3

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