Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 1246 - The Last Moment 2

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Chapter 1246 The Last Moment 2

Feng Wu gave Feng Xun an appreciative look, pleased by the fact that he was finally acting like a brother.Their eyes met and Feng Xun raised an eyebrow in satisfaction. I’m the most reliable brother, aren’t I?

Feng Wu put her hand on the bottle and spun it clockwise.

Instantly, all eyes were on the long and thin gla.s.s bottle.

Feng Wu had calculated the speed at which the bottle should spin and had used just the right amount of strength.

If everything went as planned, the bottle would stop when it pointed at Jun Linyuan.

Finally, she wouldn’t be rushed this time!

Feng Wu sighed with relief inwardly and made up her mind that Feng Xun would be the one to tell Jun Linyuan what the dare would be.

The bottle went on spinning, but was starting to slow down.

At this rate, it would stop and point right at Jun Linyuan.

In other words, she would be halfway through this trial!

Feng Wu was getting very excited when —

Feng Xun’s nose tickled, and —


He sneezed right in the direction of the bottle!

At the impact…

The bottle was supposed to stop in front of Jun Linyuan, but Feng Xun’s sneeze pushed it right past the crown prince.

At the impact…

The bottle ended up pointing at Feng Wu when it stopped moving.

Feng Wu was speechless.

She stared at the bottle, then slowly raised her head and looked at Feng Xun in disbelief.

Even Feng Xun was astonished at himself.

“Hm —”

Sensing the rage gathering inside Feng Wu, he immediately waved his hands at Feng Wu. “Xiao Wu, I didn’t mean to… I really didn’t mean to…”

Feng Wu was almost in tears.

The man was supposed to help her, but what did he do instead?

No, I can’t get angry, that would be a waste of time. Calm down, calm down… Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu tried her best to remain calm.

She gritted her teeth, but still couldn’t stop herself from trembling when she said, “Truth.”


Feng Wu said, “I want ‘Truth,’ so just ask me the question!” These people had no idea what time meant to her now.

Her eyes almost spat fire when she glared at Feng Xun. If she could, she would burn the man to ash.

Only then did Feng Xun seem to hear her. “Sure. Well… the question…”

He was about to find an easy question to get it over with so that they could start another round, when the crown prince said quietly, “Feng Wu, I’m going to ask the question.”


Everyone looked at Jun Linyuan curiously.

He had been quite indifferent since they started playing, and they didn’t expect him to volunteer to ask a question.

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched, and she had a bad feeling.

However, since Jun Linyuan had given the command, she couldn’t say no.

So, she smiled at him. “Your Royal Highness, feel free to ask me whatever you want. I’ll try my best to answer you.”

Jun Linyuan’s eyes were like bottomless pits, and he raised his eyebrows when he said, “So, the question I’m going to ask you is…”

After some hesitation, he kept his unblinking gaze on Feng Wu and asked earnestly, “Have you ever resented me for canceling our marriage agreement?”

Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 1246 - The Last Moment 2

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