Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 348 - The Proud Crown Prince

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Chapter 348: The Proud Crown PrinceTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“So, Zuo Qingluan is going to be the crown prince’s wife and our future empress!”

Feng Wu listened as the others went on murmuring.

Feng Liu looked at Feng Wu, gloating at the latter’s predicament.

She would like to see how much longer Feng Wu could keep her composure under all those stares.

However, to Feng Liu’s surprise, Feng Wu looked as undisturbed as ever, as if those people weren’t talking about her at all.

Ladies at another table heard the talk as well.

“You flatter me. My Xiao Luan isn’t like that at all. She’s only just become a Spiritual Elder.”

Zuo Qingluan’s mother, Lady Tao, who was from the Tao clan of Ruyang, waved her hand in a modest manner.

“A Spiritual Elder? That’s amazing! We can’t even imagine ever reaching that level!”

The other ingratiating voices chimed in.

Another person asked, “So, is the royal engagement proposal really happening?”

Lady Tao shook her head. “No, it’s nothing like that. Granny Qi, the empress dowager’s maid, paid us a visit, that was all.”

“Granny Qi? That’s the empress dowager’s most trusted servant! One word from her is more convincing than a lengthy speech from anyone else!”

“Granny Qi would never visit the Zuo manor for no reason. I’m sure it was on the empress dowager’s command.”

“The Zuo family is really going to have a true phoenix!”

The flattery went on and on. Lady Tao kept waving her hands in denial, but she couldn’t keep the gloating smile off her face.

The crown prince’s residence.

Jun Linyuan had two residences, one in the royal palace and the one outside.

He usually stayed in the one outside.

Xuan Yi paid him a visit today.

Feng Xun didn’t come with Xuan Yi, which was quite rare, so Jun Linyuan asked about it in pa.s.sing.

Xuan Yi said, “Sir Yan’s mother is celebrating her 80th birthday today and Feng Xun is a relative, so his mother ordered him to attend. I don’t think he’ll come hunting with us today.”

Xuan Yi realized that Jun Linyuan wasn’t listening.

The crown prince, who had always been focused, was playing with a s.h.i.+ny golden bead in his hand, and his mind had wandered off.

This wasn’t right at all!

Xuan Yi frowned. “Where did that bead come from?”

He reached out as he spoke. Usually, Jun Linyuan would hand it to him in pa.s.sing, regardless of how valuable the object was. However —

Jun Linyuan closed his fingers around the bead, looked up, and raised his eyebrows. “Where’s Feng Xun?”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open.

“He’s visiting the Yan family. Sir Yan is holding a birthday banquet. Do you want to go?” Xuan Yi asked.

Jun Linyuan gave Xuan Yi an “are you an idiot” look. Since when would he bother going to a birthday banquet?

“By the way, I ran into the Feng clan’s carriage on my way here. Lady w.a.n.g was taking Feng Liu to the banquet, and when the breeze lifted the curtain, I saw Feng Wu inside, too,” Xuan Yi said attentively.

He kept his unblinking gaze on Jun Linyuan as he spoke, not wanting to miss anything.

Jun Linyuan frowned a little and tightened his grip on the golden bead.

“Birthday banquet at the Yan manor?” Jun Linyuan darted a glance at Feng.

Feng took the hint right away and nodded. “Sir Yan sent an invitation, but everyone knows that such an event is too petty for Your Royal Highness to attend, and the invitation was just out of politeness.”

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything.

Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 348 - The Proud Crown Prince

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