Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 439 - Like I Said, A Fake

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Chapter 439: Like I Said, A Fake

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Why did she have to push Ye Yafei? Even if she had to, why did she have to knock over that long shelf full of antiques? Chaoge was almost in tears.

Ye Yafei glanced at Feng Wu with a half-smile.

There had to be over ten thousand broken pieces here.

There was no way she would be able to find the dozens of pieces that belonged to that Whistling Vase from the pile.

Ye Yafei wasn’t the only one who thought that way; so did all the onlookers.

However, Feng Wu only crouched down and began rummaging through the pile. Soon, she picked out a piece of white porcelain.

Chaoge found a piece of cloth and lay it next to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu put the broken piece on it.

One, two, three… Soon, Feng Wu found eighteen broken pieces.

Ye Yafei stared at Feng Wu. “That’s impossible! How did you do that? They can’t be all from that vase!”

Feng Wu darted a quick glance at Ye Yafei. “What do you know about antiques?”

That successfully shut Ye Yafei up.

The others all looked at Feng Wu in disbelief.

There had to be tens of thousands of broken pieces here and all of them were white. How did she know which was which?

No, she had to be picking at random. She would be so embarra.s.sed when she tried to put them together.

However, that wise-looking old man’s eyes flickered.

With his capability, he was able to detect something the others couldn’t.

Feng Wu saw some glue lying around and she put it to use.

She stuck a piece of thin paper on the inside of one porcelain piece before sticking the other pieces onto it. Finally, she put everything on the base, and in under a minute, the Whistling Vase was put back together.

It was intact, tidy, and looked as good as new.

Mr Mo’s eyes widened!

How was that possible?!

Feng Wu darted a glance at Mr Mo in a careless way. “Is this the so-called Whistling Vase made by Master Yu Wei?”

Mr Mo couldn’t say no.

The vase had been put together so perfectly that he had no reason to deny it.

“Yes…” Mr Mo said through gritted teeth.

Sweat began trickling down the sides of his face.

With the appraisal and repair skills Miss Feng had just demonstrated… there was no doubt that she was at the Master level or above!

“Good.” Feng Wu gave a nod.

Holding Feng Wu’s arm, Chaoge burst into tears of joy and she hopped around. “Xiao Wu! Xiao Wu! We don’t have to pay for it! That’s wonderful!”

Silly girl. Feng Wu hadn’t even started yet and she was already over the moon.

Mr Mo stared at Feng Wu. “That’s right. This is Master Yu Wei’s Whistling Vase. But even when you’ve repaired it, it won’t be as valuable as it was. Isn’t that the case, Miss Feng?”

Feng Wu nodded. “That is true, if this was an authentic piece.”

“Are you going to insist that this is a fake?!” Mr Mo’s face turned livid.

Crossing her hands behind her back, Feng Wu said proudly, “Of course it is.”

“Fine, fine —” Mr Mo was so angry that he burst into laughter. Picking up the Whistling Vase, he called out to the crowd. “I believe that everyone here are experts in antiques, and I wonder if someone could help us with the appraisal?”

“I’ll do it —”

An old man in a navy blue robe stepped out and went up to Mr Mo.

“Master Bian?”

Someone cried out in surprise.

“The legendary Master Bian?”

Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 439 - Like I Said, A Fake

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