Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1116 – Bone Symbol Camp

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When the s.h.i.+p stopped, Desbarres brought Zhao Hai and disembarked. When they went out of the s.h.i.+p, Zhao Hai discovered that they were now walking on an airlocked corridor. People could use this pa.s.sage to safely get into the base.

After pa.s.sing through the corridor, they arrived at a platform. This platform was also airlocked. The environment inside it was the same as the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. There were several vehicles stopped at the platform. Desbarres took Margaret and Zhao Hai to ride one of them.

As they sat inside the car, Desbarres turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Little Hai, we need to quickly head back to the family, so we wouldn't be able to stay here for long. But next time, I will definitely take you to play around this base."

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "Camp Lord is too polite. I also want to head back so that I can continue practicing."

Desbarres smiled and said, "Don't think about practicing all the time. Your training speed is fast enough. Being able to use five-layer formations in such a short time is already a good accomplishment."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn't say anything. Desbarres didn't persuade Zhao Hai further either. He had spent most of his life in the Ashley Family and had seen all kinds of people. Cultivating madmen like Zhao Hai were among these people. And as long as they don't die in the future, they would definitely become famous experts of the realm.

The car quickly flew through the base. And before long, they were already on another port where a smaller s.h.i.+p was waiting for them.

There were a few people standing at the door of the s.h.i.+p. All of them were dressed in their uniforms. The uniforms were in one-piece with the upper and lower body connected together. It seems like they were made out of leather. It had a tight design, looking quite good.

When Desbarres' group of three got out of the vehicle, the person at the lead immediately said, "We have seen the manager. The s.h.i.+p has been prepared."

Desbarres nodded. Then he said, "Good, help me express my thanks to your chief. I'm in a hurry and don't have time to see him." The man didn't dare stop Desbarres.

At this time, Desbarres embarked on the s.h.i.+p along with Margaret, Zhao Hai, 30 Mages and 20 Warriors.

This time, Zhao Hai didn't go to a room inside the s.h.i.+p. It would only take a short time for this small s.h.i.+p to reach the planet's surface. Therefore, Zhao Hai spent the time inside the command hall along with Desbarres.

Naturally, there was a captain taking command of the s.h.i.+p. So Zhao Hai and the others just stood in the hall and looked through the displays in order to look at the scenery outside.

When the s.h.i.+p entered the atmosphere, Desbarres let out a long breath. Then he turned to look at Zhao Hai and said, "We'll be sending you to the camp first to get settled down. After that, I will deliver the young miss to the family. I already gave word to the people back in the camp. They will give you a good room that will allow you to adapt to the Machine Field's spiritual qi. However, don't adapt to the density too fast, or else you'll get corrupted. You need to gradually adapt."

Zhao Hai nodded. On the other hand, the Mages behind them felt their hearts stir. Although Desbarres had been very good to everyone in the Bone Symbol Camp, they had never seen their Camp Lord take care of someone like he did with Zhao Hai.

Desbarres didn't tell anyone else about Zhao Hai being both a Mage and a Warrior. When Zhao Hai told him this information, Desbarres decided to block it from spreading. In his opinion, being both a Warrior and a Mage was Zhao Hai's trump card. But what he didn't know was that Zhao Hai had much more terrifying secrets.

At this time, Zhao Hai saw nine islands arranged in a squarish manner on the s.h.i.+p's computer. The middle island was much bigger than the eight surrounding it. The surrounding islands looked like it was guarding the middle landma.s.s.

Desbarres pointed at an island and said, "There is Bone Symbol Island where the Bone Symbol Camp is. Currently, the camp has more 4000 Mages and more than 6000 Warriors. The weakest is level 1 while the strongest reached level 5. In addition to the camp itself, there are also two residential areas as well as eight training regions in the island. While you get settled in the island, I will send the Young Miss home. I will certainly come back as soon as possible."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "Camp Lord can relax. I don't have a lot of demands anyway. After I reach the camp, I will immediately practice. I won't be doing anything else in a short time."

Desbarres nodded and said, "I already told them to not make any mistakes. Alright, let's prepare to head down." The s.h.i.+p had already reached the Bone Symbol Camp's airs.p.a.ce. It was now slowly descending into the camp.

The Bone Symbol Camp also had their own port. However, it wasn't very large. Its main use was to accommodate small s.h.i.+ps that brought supplies from the outer s.p.a.ce base as well as the other islands. Because of this, the port doesn't need to be too big.

Zhao Hai used this period of time to observe the camp's headquarters. Although it was called a camp, it was actually a very high building. From his estimation, Zhao Hai reckoned that it was about 200 floors high, exceeding a kilometer tall. Its surface area also reached about ten thousand square meters. The entire building was tower-shaped with gla.s.s windows. It actually looked very beautiful.

Zhao Hai didn't expect the camp to have a very advanced building. It was not what he expected.

At this time, the s.h.i.+p had safely landed on the ground. Desbarres brought Zhao Hai as well as the Mages and Warriors out of the s.h.i.+p.

There were members of the Bone Symbol Camp waiting for them outside. Desbarres looked at Tao w.a.n.g who was standing at the front and said, "Tao w.a.n.g, Zhao Hai has already joined the camp. Have you arranged his things?"

Tao w.a.n.g nodded and said, "Camp Lord, you can rest a.s.sured, everything has been prepared."

It was obvious that Desbarres trusted Tao w.a.n.g. So he nodded then turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Little Hai, go follow Tao w.a.n.g while I send the Young Miss home. If you need anything, just ask Tao w.a.n.g."

Zhao Hao nodded and gave Tao w.a.n.g a salute. Then Desbarres turned around and re-entered the s.h.i.+p. He would be heading to Lofty Demon Island.

Seeing the s.h.i.+p fly away, Tao w.a.n.g turned to look at everyone and said, "Alright, all of you should get going. Little Hai, come with me. I'll lead you to your place."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "Thank you, Big Brother Tao." Tao w.a.n.g smiled and said, "There's no need to be polite. We're already camp brothers. Let's go." Then after he said that, he led Zhao Hai into the building. The building's first floor was a very large hall. There were dining rooms and resting areas on the side. But the biggest attraction on this hall was the huge electronic wall, showing all kinds of information.

Tao w.a.n.g said to Zhao Hai, "Besides the funds the family gives each year, the camp is pretty much self sufficient. The family would also post tasks for the camps to accomplish. These tasks would be sent through the internal network. We can complete these tasks in order to gain more money. So every year, there would be a lot of people who are idling here to pick tasks. Additionally, we take the funds allocated by the family and distribute them to the members as wages. However, for those who want to practice, this wage is simply not enough. Because of this, the camp needed to create its own wealth."

Zhao Hao nodded at Tao w.a.n.g's words. Although the Ashley Family supported the camps, this didn't mean that the family would shoulder all of their expenses. Every year, the money provided by the family was always limited. So each camp needed to think of ways to make money on their own.

Tao w.a.n.g continued, "These tasks aren't only on Dark Magic Planet, there are some that were on other planets. If you want to accomplish this task, then you can only use a s.h.i.+p. And if you want to get there faster, then you will have to use a transmission formation. However, the transmission formation's fee is higher. If the task is issued by the family, then the costs would be subsidized. Otherwise, we would need to pay for it with our own money." While he said that, Tao w.a.n.g and Zhao Hai went inside an elevator. Then Tao w.a.n.g pressed the number for the 180th floor.

After he pressed the b.u.t.ton, Tao w.a.n.g turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Actually, our camp is similar to the academy. The first floor has the restaurant. There are also places for practicing and other things. The building also has a market where people run their own shops. This is also where people trade for goods. The tasks we do usually don't just include monetary compensation. Sometimes, people would unearth treasures. You can go to the marketplace and trade them for some money. Naturally, you can contribute these treasures to the family. The family would certainly make sure that you would not be treated unjustly."

Zhao Hao nodded. He understood that the External Hall's camps were actually just the family's exclusive mercenaries. They would receive remuneration in exchange for accomplis.h.i.+ng tasks given out by the family.

A huge family's development not only depended on their experts and powerful s.h.i.+ps. They also need to work on other aspects such as their foundation.

The External Hall plays an essential duty for this aspect. Although the people in the External Hall weren't individually strong, their overall strength wasn't bad. They were equal to an army. The External Hall was an army that doesn't need too much money to function. And at the same time, they could also provide the family with benefits.

For example, an External Hall Mage could dig up a valuable ore during their time outside. If they didn't have any uses for this ore, then they could sell it off to other people. However, this exposes them to the possibility of being robbed and killed. Because of this, their best choice was to sell the ore to the family in exchange for something of equal value. Naturally, they could also keep them for their own use. When they were strong enough in the future, they could use the ore. But before that happens, if someone knew what they had, then they would definitely be in danger.

This ore might very likely be an indispensable piece for a powerful weapon. If the family gets their hands on it, then they could make a weapon that would help the family increase their strength.

With this setup, the family would acquire a lot of good items. And during wars, these manufactured weapons might play a critical role. A weapon's value was very difficult to estimate, especially in the World of Cultivation. There were some average powers in the World of Cultivation that rose into prominence just because they had an extremely powerful weapon in hand. Ordinary people wouldn't dare to provoke them. This was akin to a country having their own nuclear a.r.s.enal.

It was because of this that the family allowed the camp to post their own tasks for their members. This way, the External Hall's members would bring them more benefits.

Tao w.a.n.g proceeded to introduce Zhao Hai to the camp's situation. The market was divided into two floors, one on the 100th floor and the other on the 105th floor. The market on the 100th floor was a mall opened by the Ashley Family. This was where potions and goods for Mages and Warriors were sold. Moreover, the prices here were cheaper than the markets outside.

On the other hand, the market on the 105th floor was the trading floor. People from the camp go there to trade. Mages that obtained magic swords would trade it since it was useless for them. Meanwhile, a Warrior that needed items like magic swords would find it on this floor.

When he heard this, Zhao Hai's eyes shone. He didn't expect a trading floor to exist here. This will certainly provide him with a lot of items for the s.p.a.ce. At the same time, he could use the Processing Machine to make items that he could trade for.

At this time, the elevator sounded out with a ding. When the elevator doors opened, Zhao Hai couldn't help but stare. This was because he didn't expect this floor to look like his. The floor was very tall at about ten meters high. There were also some ornamental trees planted on the ground as well as some Most importantly, the rooms here didn't look like the other places. Each accommodation had its own yard, just like a villa. They looked very elegant.

Looking at Zhao Hai's reaction, Tao w.a.n.g smiled and said, "Normally, this place is reserved for people level 4 and above. However, the Camp Lord specifically instructed me to prepare a spot for you. Let's go, I'll show you to your house."

Zhao Hai was somewhat touched. He was no doubt treated specially. Although he hadn't seen the other floors, he knew that the other rooms weren't as good as the ones on this floor. Zhao Hai felt that only level 5 experts deserve spots on this floor.

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1116 – Bone Symbol Camp

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