The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1006

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The atmosphere in the room was somewhat stifling; no one dared to speak first.

Coincidentally, Yan Yu had already prepared the food. He and Tang Nazhi served the dishes on the plate.

The delicious smell of food on the table permeated the whole place, and the defeated stomach of Tang Nazhi echoed a growl.

The solemn atmosphere just now became relaxed in an instant.

Everyone's eyes fell on Tang Nazhi. And no matter how thick-skinned Tang Nazhi was, he still could not withstand the "deep emotion" in everyone’s eyes that were all looking at him at the same time. His handsome face turned slightly red and he said a bit embarra.s.sed, "Hey, don't look at me ah, let’s hurry up and eat slowly, or you surely won’t get to eat anything." After speaking, he picked up the chopsticks and started to get food.

Everyone laughed and started eating.

Shen Yanxiao, holding the chopsticks, smiled at the crowd in front of her eyes. Then, her gaze stuck on the chopsticks for a few moments before it moved away.

"Ahem. I will change clothes first, you should continue eating." Shen Yanxiao put down her chopsticks, stood up directly, took an empty bowl from the table, and quickly put each kind of dish on it. Then she went upstairs holding the bowl filled with food.

Everyone who had indulged themselves in the savory smell of the food was very confused. If Shen Yanxiao would be changing her clothes, why was she carrying a bowl of dishes?

Shen Yanxiao entered the room like an agile cat, and quickly placed the small bowl in her hand on the table. She then took out the pair of chopsticks that she had taken away from Blizzard City out of her storage ring. She looked around and then saw the teapot; she poured water from it and washed the chopsticks carefully, after which she wiped it clean with a handkerchief and placed it on the bowl.

"Xiu! Come out!" Shen Yanxiao suddenly called out.

In Shen Yanxiao’s heart lake, Xiu who was in repose slowly opened his golden eyes upon hearing the call of Shen Yanxiao. He turned himself into a black mist, and went out from Shen Yanxiao's heart lake.

However, after Xiu’s figure appeared in the room, he only saw a pet.i.te figure who had fled the room and closed the door.

The aroma of the food a.s.saulted his nose. He found that the smell was coming from a bowl of food on the table, and there was a piece of paper pressed under the bowl.

‘Ah-yu’s handiwork is very good. It’s definitely better than the food made by the chefs in Blizzard City. If you don’t eat, you will regret it.‘ The beautiful note seemed to be done in a rush.

Xiu swept the above handwriting with his eyes, after which his eyes narrowed and looked at the small bowl of dishes on the table.

In the small palm-sized bowl, there was only one mouthful of each dish, which was only enough for one serving; it was the same amount as the food he had eaten back in Blizzard City.

Xiu hesitated for a moment before he sat down on the chair. Looking at the pair of familiar chopsticks, his eyes seemed to flash a touch of something. Elegantly holding the chopsticks, Xiu picked up a small green vegetable and put it in his mouth.


Shen Yanxiao quickly went upstairs and also quickly went down. Everyone’s eyes became very strange. They refused to eat as all of their eccentric eyes were uniformly staring at Shen Yanxiao.

"Little Xiao?" Tang Nazhi stared at Shen Yanxiao who was earnestly eating and poked her elbow.

"What?" Shen Yanxiao took a mouthful of rice flour meat and asked, not lifting her head.

"Why did you go upstairs?" Tang Nazhi whispered.

Shen Yanxiao’s movements slightly froze but immediately returned to normal. She used a very calm tone to reply, “Changed clothes.”

"..." Tang Nazhi was speechless. He glanced up and down the clothes worn by Shen Yanxiao, and if he remembered correctly...

This was simply the same outfit she was wearing earlier!

Changed clothes his a.s.s!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1006

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