The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1013

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The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had already braced themselves to the extreme. If it was not for the suicide attack that Du Lang had carried out, they feared that they would have already been completely battered by the impact of the ten high-level magical beasts.

"There are three left." Du Lang wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. After the hits they had received, it was now very difficult to use the same method. Du Lang, Vicious Wolf, and Gray Wolf did not know how many attacks they had suffered. If their defenses were not high enough, they would probably have been killed already.

"Ha... Forcing so many high-level magical beasts to roll out of the game, it was worth it." Vicious Wolf's mouth was full of blood. Although he was panting, he was still carrying a smile— albeit a tired one.

The fierce battle in the ring made the entire venue very silent, and all the people’s mockery towards The Rising Sun City had dissipated with the pa.s.sage of time.

The team of The Rising Sun City might be weak, but they had a spirit unafraid of death. Even the spectators who were just sitting in the audience stands and watching them fight from afar could not help their hearts from trembling. Such desperation and resoluteness to never retreat, where was it coming from?

This was a tournament, and deaths and injuries were inevitable. However, the team from The Rising Sun City seemed to be fighting a battle of life and death. They were not afraid of death nor dreadful injuries. They were like a pack of wolves. Once they attacked, they would fight hard and would not stop until they were dead.

A trace of respect couldn’t help but rise from the bottom of the spectators’ hearts for this group of wolves from The Rising Sun City. Even Elder Wen, who disliked Shen Yanxiao very much, appreciated Du Lang and others after seeing everything.

Compared to the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, although the team of Magical Fantasy City was stronger, they were less hot-blooded. They had easily been tossed into chaos under the suicide attack of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. They thought that this was just a game and they did not intend to fight hard.

Even ruthless people would be afraid of desperate madmen.

And the team of The Rising Sun City was precisely a group of madmen right now.

However, the City Lord of The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao, had been unable to sit still.

She stood up and frowned at the situation inside the ring.

"Master?" Nangong Mengmeng’s already red eyes looked at Shen Yanxiao.

"This time, we’ll admit defeat." Shen Yanxiao's face was very dignified. The team of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was brought to the Barren Land by her. They were like her big brothers, and seeing Du Lang and the rest so desperate, not hesitating to fight to death at all, Shen Yanxiao suddenly felt that all the dignity and glory had turned into nothingness. After all, what she wanted the most was for her people to be alive. Even though they would still die in the future, they should not die in such a ring.

"Little Xiao, do you really want to do this?" Qi Xia asked at this time, "If you’re going to admit defeat now, won’t you only let Du Lang’s and others’ sacrifices be in vain, and let their efforts be wasted?"

"Then, should I just watch them die for this s.h.i.+tty game?" Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth and shouted in a low voice.

What s.h.i.+tty game, what s.h.i.+tty resources, if she wanted to have anything in the future, she would just fight for it; she no longer wanted to watch as her own people were losing like this in front of herself.

"Little Xiao, now is not the time for you to protect them." Qi Xia sighed. Shen Yanxiao’s character let people admire her, but sometimes, this same character also gave people headaches. "This is the first battle of The Rising Sun City. If we lose this one, you won’t be able to raise your head high regardless of whether you lose or win in the next two games. The comprehensive strength of The Rising Sun City would be ridiculed by people. Moreover, do you think that if you admit defeat right now, Du Lang and the rest will be happy? They will be disappointed and sad! It’s because they know the importance of this battle that they want to win this game! They have already paid so much, do you want to see it all be in vain?"

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1013

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