The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1014

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"In this tournament, even if you don’t want to partic.i.p.ate, you must still partic.i.p.ate. If The Rising Sun City is defeated, in the future, people will have a justifiable reason to carve up a part of the eastern region. But if you win instead, you will be qualified to speak in the Barren Land." Qi Xia’s smile faded and his eyes flashed with a trace of seriousness.

In such a major event, sometimes one needed to be heartless. In this aspect, Shen Yanxiao was still lacking.

Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth and looked at Du Lang and others inside the ring. She was burning with anxiousness.

‘He’s right. Doing that is like insulting those who have sacrificed their lives for you.' Xiu’s voice sounded at this moment. He felt the great fluctuations in Shen Yanxiao's heart. He knew that this little girl was experiencing a transformation of her mindset. If she was unable to understand this thing, she might become a City Lord who was admired by everyone, but she would never be able to climb the peak and could only be a City Lord forever.

If she could understand it, then her mindset could be considered to have completely transformed.

She just didn’t want the people on her side to die. Was it wrong? Shen Yanxiao bit her lip; Qi Xia and Xiu strongly opposed her decision, making her brain buzz unceasingly.

Yes, she was just a G.o.dly thief in her past life. She was only concerned about her own life and death. There were only a few friends around her. She was free; even though there was an organization binding her, she could still do things with her own power.

But now, her ident.i.ty was different. She was the City Lord of The Rising Sun City and would be the Lord of the entire eastern region of the Barren Land in the future. What she must care about the most was the interests of all people, not only the immediate ones.

Shen Yanxiao could see the overall situation and understand the calculations, but she also treated the life and death of the people around her quite heavily.

Anyone who achieved something, whether cruel or benevolent, had undergone a series of battles. All status and power was made up of the blood and bones of other people.

A momentary bout of soft-heartedness was likely to bring about the collapse of a prosperous world.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. She took a deep breath before sitting down without saying a word.

Her ridiculous soft-heartedness made her forget the glory that belonged to Du Lang and others. They were not only fighting for her, but also fighting for their own home. If she really gave up right now like she initially intended to, she feared that the result would be like what Xiu had told her; it might indeed insult Du Lang and the rest.

The knot in Shen Yanxiao’s heart had been untied, and Qi Xia finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiu turned silent again, but he knew that now that Shen Yanxiao had finally untied the knot in her heart, her path would reach a higher level in the future.

From a City Lord to the Lord of the entire continent...

The battle in the ring was still going on. Du Lang and others had exhausted their last glimmer of strength and had finally ousted the last high-level magical beast. However, there were still a lot of mid-level magical beasts and opponents inside the ring, but they almost did not have the strength to continue fighting any more. 

The Cave Wolves mercenaries continued to do their best. Everyone would pull the closest opponents to themselves, cling to them, then leap and jump off the ring, dragging their opponents down with them.

The number of people above the ring was getting smaller and smaller; Demon Wolf, who had almost run out of magic, could now only display low-level magic skills.

Mild Wolf had also incurred several wounds in order to protect Demon Wolf. All of his light s.h.i.+elds were used to guard Demon Wolf while he himself was exposed to the enemy's butcher knife.

The seven wolves were already out of strength, and the whole Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps suffered heavy losses.

The number of people from the two sides was gradually decreasing, and in the end, both sides had only more than 20 people left.

The seven wolves had no strength to continue fighting. The 20 people of the other side were watching them while their magical beasts had already rushed forth to deal the finis.h.i.+ng blow.

Just as Du Lang was feeling desperate, the ten or so figures that had been behind them suddenly rushed to the people of Magical Fantasy City.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1014

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