The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1015

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Those figures were none other than the villagers who had come along with Uncle Jiu. They were wearing the same outfit as the Cave Wolves mercenaries. These people did not have any magical beasts but they were not as heavily injured as the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps; since Du Lang had told his brothers to take care of them, they did not receive a lot of damage. 

"Don't go!" Du Lang looked at the more than ten people who were running towards the people from the Magical Fantasy City. His heart grew nervous. These people did not have even a single bit of dou qi nor magic; it could even be said that if they did not have their outstanding strength, they would be similar to an ordinary person. Furthermore, their opponents on the other side were more than twenty people and that was still not counting the more than twenty mid-level magical beasts. Their opponents were clearly not gentle vegetarians; they would surely die if they rushed there! 

"This group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, we will surely beat them a lot!” However, the villagers simply ignored Du Lang, who was trying to stop them, and continued to rush over.  

The people from the Magical Fantasy City watched blankly as the ten or so people, who did not have a bit of dou qi nor magic in their bodies, rushed toward them. They started to wonder why these people from The Rising Sun City would actually choose to run to their deaths after being hid and protected by their team all this time.

Before this, the people from the Magical Fantasy City had already been instructed by Geng Di to show no mercy before the team of The Rising Sun City. 

Faced with just over ten unarmed and defenseless, ordinary people, the people from the Magical Fantasy City had already considered these people dead. They immediately ordered their magical beasts to kill them and waited for these idiotic people to be torn into pieces. 

However, the next scene made everyone dumbfounded. 

At the moment when the magical beasts pounced onto them, these seemingly ordinary people directly punched the magical beasts; upon contact, the mid-level magical beasts were immediately sent flying out of the ring! 

“How is this possible!" At the viewing platform, Geng Di was so surprised that he unconsciously stood up from his seat. He looked stupidly at this group of unarmed and defenseless people that had managed to make a mid-level magical beast fly out of the ring. Up till now, he still could not believe what his two eyes had just seen.

Inside the ring, the more than 20 mid-level magical beasts became like punching bags for these seemingly ordinary people of The Rising Sun City as they flew away from the ring one by one. 

Then, this group of people opened their arms and roared as they charged into the people of the Magical Fantasy City.

The twenty or so people from the Magical Fantasy City immediately felt like they were being crushed by a huge rock as they felt their whole body being knocked out of the ring. 

In the blink of an eye, the remaining people from the Magical Fantasy City all flew out of the ring together with the people from The Rising Sun City.

And so above the ring, the only ones remaining were the seven exhausted wolves.

"How could this be..." Du Lang gasped. He still could not believe what had just happened. He had already thought that they would be defeated, he really did not expect that... 

There was a still silence in the entire venue. 

No one had thought that the game would end in this way. It was true that the characteristics of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was admirable, however no one had really imagined that The Rising Sun City would win this game.

But on top of that big ring, the last ones standing were only the people from The Rising Sun City, while all the people from the Magical Fantasy City were beaten up. 

This dramatic result almost made everyone stunned silly in their place.

"Won… We won..." Vicious Wolf dully looked around the ring that was covered in blood as he stiffly moved his mouth and muttered these words. 

"Won..." Du Lang finally recovered his senses and realized that they won the battle. His eyes suddenly began to feel wet. No one could understand how much he and his brothers had paid for this game.

Indeed, they had paid a huge price.. 

On the edge of the ring, the referee hesitantly announced, "The first match, The Rising Sun City... Wins!"

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1015

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