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Shen Yanxiao was slightly stunned. She hesitantly raised her head, looking at Xiu’s face against the moonlight, his downcast eyes reflecting her figure.

His eyes were so calm, and her reflection in them was very clear.

Shen Yanxiao’s calm heart lake suddenly set off a burst of waves, and her eyes unconsciously produced a little panic.

"You’re just a soul, why do you have a shadow?" Shen Yanxiao lowered her head and did not dare to look straight at Xiu’s eyes again.

"The body that I formed can be considered a temporary corporeal body," Xiu answered patiently.

"That... Does your body also have a temperature?" Shen Yanxiao remembered her close contact with a certain someone in the northern mountain forest. At that time, things happened so suddenly that she didn't notice it.

Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao and suddenly didn’t say anything.

The strange atmosphere made Shen Yanxiao a bit nervous. She looked up at Xiu and thought about whether her question was inappropriate. After all, Xiu was just a soul, and his body right now was only temporary. This was probably the boundary of his heart. 


"Uh... just forget what I’ve just asked." Shen Yanxiao embarra.s.sedly grabbed her head. There was something wrong with her brain tonight and and her mind was in a bit of disorder.

While Shen Yanxiao was troubled by why she had suddenly become foolish, Xiu swiftly raised his hand and took Shen Yanxiao’s white and little one.

Xiu’s slender fingers held the seemingly weak hand of Shen Yanxiao, and Shen Yanxiao felt that there was no trace of heat coming from them.

His touch brought nothing but an ice-cold chill.

"I’m still just an illusion right now." Xiu said slowly, looking at Shen Yanxiao.

Xiu’s words let Shen Yanxiao's heart suddenly produce a burst of pain. Her brows knitted into a frown as she looked at Xiu, watching his face that could make the whole world lose its color as it displayed no trace of emotion.

He was just a soul, not a real person.

Even though he could form a corporeal body, it was just like the nothingness of the moon’s reflection on the water. After a while, he would turn into mist and dissipate.

Shen Yanxiao subconsciously gripped Xiu’s hand back, after which she suddenly smiled and said, "Look. If I hold you like this, I can transfer my warmth to you."

Shen Yanxiao was not willing to think that Xiu was just a soul and even wanted to pa.s.s her own energy to him.

Although there was no trace of frustration nor sorrow on Xiu’s face, Shen Yanxiao didn’t quite like what he had said. And just because he didn’t show it, didn’t mean that he really didn’t mind. Since he was trying hard to restore his strength, he naturally wanted to become someone with a real body again, and not just an illusion.

"Xiu, if your strength return to its peak, can you revert to your original appearance?" Shen Yanxiao asked in a low voice.

Xiu slight froze before he slowly answered, "No."

"Why?" Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu. Could it be that he could never recover his real body?

Xiu gazed up at the night sky. The black color that was masking his half-squinted eyes faded away and the golden eyes appeared again.

"My real body is still in this world. I can only return to my original appearance once I find it."

"What?" Shen Yanxiao did not quite understand Xiu’s meaning.

Xiu explained, "You can interpret the body as a container for the soul. The only thing in the world that can be perfectly integrated with my soul is my own body. I know that it is still here, but I am not strong enough now to determine its specific location. When my strength recovers, I will find it and merge with it again. At that time, I will be the original me."

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1043

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