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It was not until after Shen Yanxiao was full that the five animals seemed to have gradually recovered their mood a little.

After ten days of metamorphosis, this little la.s.s finally returned to normal?

Looking at the familiar Shen Yanxiao, the five animals felt relieved at last.

G.o.d knew that the previous ten days were simply like a nightmare to them.

"Ah-Yu’s cooking is still the best." Shen Yanxiao patted her stomach in satisfaction and exclaimed.

"You’re saying that now? Before, I delivered it to your door but you refused it," Tang Nazhi said. Shen Yanxiao had returned to normal now, so he naturally restored their previous mode of getting along.

"Hey, I was a little uncomfortable these past few days." Shen Yanxiao embarra.s.singly smiled. But she was thinking about whether to tell the five animals the fact that she had become an elf after returning to The Rising Sun City. After all, she didn’t want to hide things from this group of partners of hers. She had never concealed anything from them except the existence of Xiu. 

“Are you feeling better now?” The five animals were still very concerned about Shen Yanxiao in the end.

"A lot better." Shen Yanxiao nodded her head. She finally decided to tell them about it when they returned to The Rising Sun City.

"That's good, I was worried about whether you could still fight in tomorrow’s match." Li Xiaowei breathed a sigh of relief.

"Uh..." Speaking of the match, Shen Yanxiao felt a headache again.

If her strength were still what it had been, she would have had no pressure dealing with Duan Hen. After all, she was already a Second Stage Professional. Even if she could not summon phantom beasts, she could steadily suppress Duan Hen.


Her current strength had fallen back to Senior Professional, ah!!!

Not to mention that Duan Hen was an Advanced Professional, his Redflame Beast was even slightly stronger than Vermillion Bird.

That sure-win match had just turned into a must-win battle.

"I have something to tell you all." Shen Yanxiao said.

"What’s the matter?" Seeing that Shen Yanxiao had gone back to normal, the five animals were so very happy that the smile on their faces became more and more brilliant.

"I feel better now, but my strength is only at the level of a Senior Professional." Shen Yanxiao announced her own tragedy.

The smiles plastered on the faces of the five animals were shattered into slag.

Senior Professional...

These words seemed a little distant to them.

But to think that such a sudden change actually occurred to Shen Yanxiao at this time!

The five animals fell into despair.

Right now, she was one level below Duan Hen.

In addition, the Redflame Beast was at its peak strength while Vermillion Bird was still suffering from his past injuries...

This, ah!!!

How was Shen Yanxiao going to fight tomorrow?

"Ah-Yu, quickly check Little Xiao and see if she’s still feeling unwell." Qi Xia hastened Yan Yu to take action. Shen Yanxiao's cultivation speed was very obvious to all. There was only her rapid advancement that could frighten even the dead, never a regression.

Moreover, directly falling from Second Stage Professional Summoner to Senior Professional within ten days, wasn’t the gap between the two just too great?

Yan Yu did not hesitate to examine Shen Yanxiao, but the result was nothing.

Shen Yanxiao’s five partners were completely gloomy, and Shen Yanxiao herself was very helpless.

But nothing could change the fact that the match was coming.

On the next day, when the sky turned bright, the finals of the individual battle between Shen Yanxiao and Duan He unfolded in the tournament venue of the Twilight City.

This match, which had been delayed for ten days and was highly antic.i.p.ated by the people, had finally arrived.

Everyone was speculating whether Duan Hen would be the winner, having a slightly stronger magical beast; or if Shen Yanxiao, whose personal strength was more ferocious, would come out on top.

In the midst of everyone’s expectations and speculations, the finals of the individual battle officially began!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1055

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