The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1062

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It was because Shen Yanxiao’s Warlock strength was too fearsome that she had forgotten Shen Yanxiao’s marvelous arrow skills.

"Father, Lord Shen, she..." Long Xueyao’s eyes were filled with surprise.

Long Fei also had a shocked expression.

"She… when did she become a Magic Archer?" Long Fei incredulously asked. He could hardly believe his own eyes.

He already knew of the fact that Shen Yanxiao had the ability to dual-cultivate. However, he also knew that Shen Yanxiao was more dependent on her Summoner profession that was already a Second Stage Profession. As for her Archer profession, he thought it was only at the level of Advanced Professional. But Shen Yanxiao’s stunning blow just now was already beyond the strength of the Advanced Professionals.

Only the Second Stage Professional Magic Archers were capable of breaking the defense of a Mythological Beast!

Shen Yanxiao gave everyone a huge shock.

When everyone thought she had degenerated to a Senior Warlock, she showed off her long-concealed Archer ident.i.ty.

And this ident.i.ty was that of another Second Stage Professional!

The team of The Rising Sun City looked silly. Nangong Mengmeng was even rubbing her eyes incredulously, wondering if she were seeing an illusion.

"Master... Master... She actually has a physique that can dual-cultivate? She… she has even broken through the Second Stage Profession of Archer?" Nangong Mengmeng felt that she was going crazy. Prior to this, she already knew that her master was very formidable, but now she knew how naive she still was. The word ‘formidable’ was not enough to describe her master; she was simply heaven-defying!

The physique that possessed the ability of dual-cultivation was not unique in the past history, but those people were either more dependent on magic with dou qi as an aid, or more reliant on dou qi while using magic as a support. No one could simultaneously cultivate two professions and achieve a powerful point for both at the same time.

Even if one had innate talent, learning professional skills still required effort and acc.u.mulation of day to day experience. The dual-cultivation ability might be powerful; however, it was almost impossible to take care of two professions at the same time. Human energy was limited, after all.

Unless you lived to be a few hundred years old; then you could have the two professions reach a strong level at the same time.


Shen Yanxiao was only fourteen years old!!!

Even if she had possessed this dual-cultivation since she was born, it should still be impossible to cultivate two professions up to the Second Stage Profession!

How could she still be human? She was simply an aberrant being!

"Well, it's rare to see her using her Archer's skills." Qi Xia looked at Shen Yanxiao's confident, smiling face. He could finally put down his heart that had been hanging in the air.

When Shen Yanxiao originally said that her strength had regressed to the level of Senior Professional, she was just talking about her Warlock profession; her Archer profession still had the strength of a Second Stage Professional.

"Master is too cool!" Nangong Mengmeng exclaimed in incomparable adoration.

Shen Yanxiao’s earth-shaking counterattack reversed the situation of both sides. The teams of Blizzard City and The Rising Sun City were both cheering. But the face of Elder Wen of Twilight City was already ashen. He unbelievably grabbed the collar of his confidant and snarled at him, "What’s going on?!! You’ve been investigating her before, haven’t you? Did you not say she’s just a Warlock? What is the meaning of her Archer skills right now?! Are you all stupid!"

He had thought that since the strength of Shen Yanxiao was greatly reduced, their Twilight City could easily get the victory. How could they possibly know that Shen Yanxiao was actually hiding such a trick up her sleeves? It simply let people be taken aback!

What was even more frightening was that Shen Yanxiao’s strength as an Archer was even above Duan Hen. She was actually already at the Second Stage Profession of the Archer profession— Magic Archer!

Elder Wen just wanted to spit out blood. Shen Yanxiao should not be so aberrant!!!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1062

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