The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1075

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This was definitely a visual feast. The dazzling attacks of the Second Stage Professionals shone with brilliance in the center of the ring.

The ten high-level magical beasts became like timid white rabbits that completely lacked fighting power in front of the five Second Stage Professionals.

What was even more frightening was that the five animals had an extreme tacit understanding, which simply made people unable to find a chance to take advantage of them and counterattack. Even the well-trained members of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps had to admire the perfect cooperation of the five people.

No need to say anything aloud; with just one eye movement, they could understand each other's intentions, creating the perfect combination at the most accurate time and forming beautiful combination attacks.

From when the five animals got into action to the end of the battle against the magical beasts, it took no more than three minutes.

The ten high-level magical beasts had been sent flying out of the ring by the five animals’ joint attacks.

At this moment, no one dared to speak and tell them off in the slightest bit. Everyone shrunk their necks as they dreadingly stared at that group of incredible youths.

Five sixteen to seventeen-year-old Second Stage Professionals?

This was simply the most incredible thing in the world. And these super geniuses unexpectedly all belonged to The Rising Sun City, to another genius, Shen Yanxiao!

Ten high-level magical beasts were instantly removed, Qin Qiong and the others who were standing on the other side of the ring swallowed their saliva.

Fierce! Too fierce!

In just three minutes, they had dealt with the ten high-level magical beasts, which was simply outrageous!

"Hehe, Third Young Qi and the rest really are powerful, we concede defeat, this match is your win." Qin Qiong resolutely open his mouth to admit defeat, definitely not giving the five animals a chance to fight any further.

Don't joke around. Even the strong high-level magical beasts cannot stop the blows of these five aberrants, let alone our group of "fragile" Advanced Professionals.

Therefore, Qin Qiong neatly admitted their lost!


The five animals who had finally gotten their turn to fight were very depressed.

They just made a single shot and had not even started warming up yet, and that... was the end?

"Green mountains do not change the long-flowing clear water[1], we will return another day!!!" When Qin Qiong saw the disappointment in the eyes of the five animals, he immediately called on the other nine people from Blizzard City, and they leapt down from the ring. The expressions in the eyes of these five aberrants were just terrifying. If they were a little later in admitting defeat, they might have already suffered the same fate as their own magical beasts, reduced to a joke from being kicked out of the ring.

A wise man knew how to submit to circ.u.mstances. Their small life was still important to them!

Blizzard City's neat concession created a moment of silence in the entire venue.

Many people were secretly spitting on the small courage of Qin Qiong and others. How could they gave up so easily? Whatever the outcome was, at least try fighting with them and see what would happen ah!

But no one would be stupid enough to think that with ten Advanced Professionals, they could win against five Second Stage Professionals.

"Did we... shoot too cruelly?" Li Xiaowei’s mouth twitched, looking at the back of the ten people from Blizzard City who were whistling away. It was as if someone was chasing after them.

Tang Nazhi felt very wronged.

"I didn't use a heavy hand, ah. My Shattering Cut didn't even land on the body of those magical beasts. I just smashed them on the side and pushed them away with my sword." Blizzard City and The Rising Sun City had a good relations.h.i.+p so he did not plan to abuse their allies on this game, he acted very friendly.

"Same goes for me." Yang Xi rubbed his nose. He only hit them with his s.h.i.+eld twice; he did not even dare to use his sword.

"Then why are they..." Yan Yu, with a speechless expression, pointed to the Blizzard City members who had already ran away for their lives, leaving no trace.

[1] So I searched and found out that this comes from a poem which apparently suggests that friends.h.i.+p will last forever...

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1075

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