The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1077

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Even fools would know that the sudden compromise from Elder Wen could not be because of his “magnanimity” as the organizer. The real reason was that the five animals had shown too much frightening strength when they fought against Blizzard City, and it had instilled fear in Elder Wen.

As long as Elder Wen was not an idiot, he would understand that wanting to win against the five powerful Second Stage Professionals was harder than ascending to heaven.

The five animals were very gloomy because they did not have a chance to get any action anymore.

Elder Wen was also very depressed. To think that he had actually handed over the victory to the extremely annoying Shen Yanxiao. His mood was that of a man who had eaten flies.

However, he was also aware that even if he really wanted to fight, it would only leave Twilight City even more humiliated.

Although the five animals showed great strength during the group battle, their means of dealing with Blizzard City was extremely gentle and friendly. Even when sweeping down the ten high-level magical beasts, they did not hit them hard and instead their shots expressed good will.

But if their opponent were to be those from Twilight City, it was feared that they would not be so kind.

Elder Wen was very clear that Blizzard City had a close relations.h.i.+p with The Rising Sun City. On the contrary, the relations.h.i.+p between the Twilight City and The Rising Sun City had become very bad after he had made things difficult for them.

Although he wanted to win very much, he was not so stupid as to make himself suffer from unilateral beatings.

Elder Wen understood reason and was also clear of the best things to do, but he still could not swallow this outcome. He had a gloomy face as he sat inside the City Lord Residence. Aside from Duan Hen, Luo Fan was also present.

In several matches, Luo Fan did not appear in front of people. Except for the few people in Twilight City who happened to know for some reasons, no one else knew that he had stayed here.

"Elder Wen should not care about this momentary mishap, the overall situation should come first." Luo Fan looked at Elder Wen, who was stroking his beard, and spoke comfortably.

Elder Wen harrumphed and replied, "This old man will naturally not be like that little devil who lacks etiquette. It’s just that handing over the victory of this tournament to that kind of little rascal makes people feel abominable."

Duan Hen remained silent on the side, but his eyes flashed with a sneer.

Who could not understand the root of his anger? He had no choice but to hand over the victory to other people, yet he could not do anything to harm the other side at all. 

But this unrespectable old codger was deceiving himself here. Really hypocritical, making people want to spit on him.

Duan Hen secretly despised Elder Wen, but his face was still carrying an indifferent expression.

Luo Fan smiled and said, "What kind of bearing does Elder Wen have? Elder Wen need not to argue with that shameless Shen Yanxiao. Moreover, even if she obtained the victory, so what? If her elites, the force she relies on, were to all die here in Twilight City, then even though Shen Yanxiao has won the tournament, would it not still be up to you to decide how to deal with her in the future?"

Luo Fan paused a bit before adding, "The contract of victory is a contract, but if she doesn’t have the strength to suppress the other three forces, it’s nothing more than a piece of paper."

Elder Wen's expression slightly eased. He looked at Luo Fan then said, "What you said is actually clever. Before, you asked me to help, and I am willing to cooperate. However, there are at least two Mythological Beasts on their side; adding Shen Yanxiao, they have at least six Second Stage Professionals. In the face of these forces, I’m afraid that even if we gather all the elites of our Twilight City and Magical Fantasy City, it still won’t be easy to deal with them. Moreover, when we do it, we also need to make sure that others won’t know that we are the ones behind it. Now tell me, under these circ.u.mstances, how can you continue to target the people from The Rising Sun City?"

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 1077

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