The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1083

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TLong Fei's expression was a bit ugly. He had never imagined that Shen Yanxiao would offend the Broken Star Palace. According to what that person said, Shen Yanxiao had actually killed someone from the Broken Star Palace. How could this be good?

"The status of the Broken Star Palace is the same as that of the G.o.d’s Domain. Little Xiao has really provoked people she should not this time." Long Fei whispered to Long Xueyao, and secretly clenched his fist.

He had heard some rumors about the Broken Star Palace, and with his eyesight, among the ten people present here, at least nine of them were quite equal to his own strength, and as for that man at the forefront, he was unable to detect his strength.

Obviously, his cultivation had exceeded that of Long Fei.

The Broken Star Palace had already existed for many years even before he was born. Long Fei had only heard about it from the mouth of Elder Wen, but this was the first time he actually saw people of the Broken Star Palace. And their purpose was actually Shen Yanxiao.

"Sin? What sin did I commit?" Shen Yanxiao chuckled, not putting the people from the Broken Star Palace in her eyes.

"You have already admitted to killing Ruan Yingzhe, now you want to deny it?!" The man roared angrily.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, "So, actually, as it turns out, it’s because of the man who had colluded with the traitors that brought calamity and chaos to my Vermillion Bird Clan? To think that Broken Star Palace is actually like this. Your famous reputation is being spread to the whole world, but unexpectedly, what you all are doing is to imitate the dogs and steal chickens. It really makes one exclaim in admiration." Shen Yanxiao un.o.btrusively cursed the Broken Star Palace. Her expression was still as happy as usual.

The face of the man in front immediately darkened. The Broken Star Palace was formed by the ancestors who had partic.i.p.ated in the battle of the G.o.ds and devils. The Broken Star Palace was built for the purpose of taking in the strong human beings and delving into martial arts. Therefore, the people of the Radiance Continent also looked up to them. Although the Broken Star Palace rarely got involved with the things of the world, as long as people had heard of the name of the Broken Star Palace, all would only feel like thunder had pierced their ears[1], and those who had seen people from the Broken Star Palace were even more reverent and careful.

When did the man hear someone insulting the Broken Star Palace?

"You really have great courage, doing things that offend Heaven and reason, and unexpectedly still making delirious utterances. Shen Yanxiao, you seriously don’t think that because you are a primary Second Stage Professional, you can run amok across the Radiance Continent unimpeded, do you?" The man hollered at Shen Yanxiao for being naive.

"Things that offend Heaven and reason? Haha..." Shen Yanxiao seemed to have heard a joke as she suddenly laughed. She shook her head and looked at the man who was the head of his team and then said, "I really didn’t know that getting rid of people who wanted to kill my grandpa, and who had helped the Vermillion Bird Clan’s traitors forcibly seize the clan, was a terrible thing. I say, dear friend, your words really make me feel ridiculous."

The man’s face turned pale because of Shen Yanxiao’s words. Ruan Yingzhe helping Shen Duan with his affairs at that time was really unreasonable.

"Even if Ruan Yingzhe had done something wrong, you are also not allowed to dispose of him. The Broken Star Palace naturally has the rules of the Broken Star Palace. You shouldn’t have killed Ruan Yingzhe without authorization, no matter what the reason is. Otherwise, it is difficult to escape the hunt of the Broken Star Palace!"

Shen Yanxiao sneered at the man who was shoving false arguments down people's throats. If that was the case, wouldn’t it mean that even if the people of the Broken Star Palace have done such a terrible crime, the world still could not hurt them? Otherwise, they would become an enemy of the Broken Star Palace?

It was simply gangster logic!

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao was not so stupid to believe that the people in the Broken Star Palace were not aware of the fact that Ruan Yingzhe had lent Shen Duan a helping hand. She even feared that the Broken Star Palace had also extended a foot. Otherwise, what was the explanation for the sudden rise in strength of Shen Yifeng and Shen Duan?

[1] It means they had a well-known reputation.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1083

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