The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1088

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In Twilight City, more than twenty men appeared quietly outside the residence where the people of The Rising Sun City were staying.

"Senior Brother Qian, aren’t the elders putting too much effort into this? We’re just dealing with a group of insignificant people, why deploy so many of us?" A man looked at the pavillion before him in a somewhat bad mood.

The man surnamed Qian slightly frowned, "The elders told us that we only have to do it. We need not ask further about other things."

"But, the opponent this time is just a group of ordinary people. Our side actually dispatched thirty-three Second Stage Professionals and two Second Stage Great Professionals. Isn’t this suggesting we’re thinking too highly of that Shen Yanxiao? Senior Brother Zhou also brought nine people with him. Even if Shen Yanxiao has three heads and six arms, she’s still just a little brat who has just broken through the second stage. Senior Brother Zhou is too careful, can he not handle the other person alone?"

There were so many experts who wanted to join the Broken Star Palace, and almost all of the Second Stage Professionals in the Radiance Continent had been s.n.a.t.c.hed by them. The ones who were still living in the world, with the exception of Ouyang Huanyu, were people who had just broken through the second stage. There was really nothing for them to worry about.

"One must be careful in sailing a ten-thousand-year s.h.i.+p[1]." Senior Brother Qian faintly answered. But in his eyes, a trace of disapproval could also be seen.

"But to think that they actually let you, Senior Brother Qian, who’s a Great Magister, take us twenty-four Second Stage Professionals to deal with shrimps and crabs[2]. I really don't know what the elders are thinking."

"That’s right. Those who are under the Second Stage Profession are all just ants. Why use so many people? Sending five people should be enough."

This group of experts from the Broken Star Palace could not understand the task. All of them were once powerful figures in the Radiance Continent that had been recruited by the Broken Star Palace. Now, the current strong figures of the Radiance Continent were their own younger generations, and neither their talent nor strength could be compared to theirs.

This was like killing chickens with a butcher’s knife; hence, these experts were naturally dissatisfied.

"Blame it all on that Ruan Yingzhe for being too useless, he actually let himself die outside."

"He’s just trash. If he was gonna die then he should have died sooner." A group of people chattered about. There was not a single one of them who had put the people of The Rising Sun City in their eyes. In their view, although there was news before about six Second Stage Professionals in the other party’s ranks, this number was too shabby compared to the number of Second Stage Professionals in the Broken Star Palace. How could people who had just broken through the second stage compare with those who had been cultivating in the Second Stage Profession for a long time? Even if they were at the same level, the disparity acc.u.mulated over the years was enough for them to kill the other side.

"Anyway, let’s just get done with this quickly and go back early. No need need to waste time here." Senior Brother Qian was also very dissatisfied with this task. And what made him even more dissatisfied was that before they left, the elders told them that they should focus on eliminating the people around Shen Yanxiao today. As for Shen Yanxiao, they should capture her alive.

The sinner who had killed a person of the Broken Star Palace must actually be kept alive. This Senior Brother Qian was unable to comprehend, so he had simply handed over the task of dealing with Shen Yanxiao to Brother Zhou, knowing that Brother Zhou initially invited Ruan Yingzhe to join the Broken Star Palace and that the relations.h.i.+p between the two had always been very good. The impact of Ruan Yingzhe’s death on him should be very great.

He believed that even with the elders' orders, Brother Zhou would still "carelessly" kill Shen Yanxiao.

"Yes." The crowd listened to their Senior Brother Qian and followed behind him to the pavilion.

However, when they entered the lobby of the pavilion, they saw five handsome teenagers sitting at the table in the hall. All five of them were smiling and looking at their uninvited guests.

[1] caution is the parent of safety 

[2] shrimp soldiers and crab generals: useless troops here it suggests insignificant people

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1088

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