The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1095

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If the master was killed, the magical beasts would also die; and even in the event that the person survived, both of them would be badly hurt.

They both live or die together.

Almost no man nor magical beast was willing to sign such a contract. Even though this would bring huge benefits to humans, no one could guarantee that their magical beasts would not die in battle. Once their magical beast died, they would be buried along with it. And magical beasts would not be willing to take their future strength as a joke either; especially the Mythological Beasts that had an endless life span. They would experience countless masters in their lifetime, so they would never sign a Blood Contract with humans.

However, the five teenagers in front of him evidently had all signed a Blood Contract with their Mythological Beasts.

They supplied their blood to their Mythological Beasts, and the Mythological Beasts lent their own source to their masters, resulting to their fierce performance that was beyond their level.

"How is this possible... How can a Mythological Beast agree to sign a Blood Contract?" Senior Brother Qian could hardly believe all this. The human beings and the Mythological Beasts who had signed Blood Contracts would experience tremendous changes and their strength would be greatly enhanced. However, although it was like, honour one and you honour them all, it was also like, injure one and you injure them all.

In fact, it could also be said that for the Mythological Beasts, there was really no benefit at all!

There were also Mythological Beasts in the Broken Star Palace, but not one was willing to sign a Blood Contract with their master.

Just why would Qilin and the others do so?

Senior Brother Qian could not figure out what he could not understand.

"Because we have good looks." Qi Xia hooked up his lips and smiled nastily.

Senior Brother Qian almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He had encountered shameless people, but he had never met one who was so shameless to this point.

"Well, playing time is over. It's now time to have a serious fight with you. Let’s finally see who will kill who in the end." Qi Xia's eyes lit up with the color of madness. This madness was exactly the same as the one he had against Shen Yanxiao at the school tournament. Only, in this madness was a strong killing intent.

Senior Brother Qian gritted his teeth. The magical beasts of the several of them were only high-level magical beasts, even if they summoned them, they were not Qilin and others’ opponent.

Who would have thought that these talented teenagers actually had magical beasts at the Mythological-level, and all of them had even signed a Blood Contract!

The five Mythological Beasts joined the battle, reversing the situation once again in an instant.

Black Tortoise landed from above like a huge boulder and directly smashed away the Broken Star Palace people in the vicinity of Tang Nazhi. Azure Dragon dove down as well, with a dragon’s roar that shook away the people who surrounded Yang Xi. White Tiger stood in front of Yan Yu, his hands were crossed together and his eyes slightly narrowed; the white light he enveloped around Yan Yu blocked all the attacks.

Eight-Headed Serpent was on Li Xiaowei’s side. From his sharp fingers flew several black snakes that hit the oncoming flying arrows and magical attacks, after which beautiful blood-colored flowers bloomed in midair.

Qilin directly turned into a palm-sized silver crystal ball that fell into Qi Xia’s palm. Qi Xia’s magic then reached an unprecedented peak. A cl.u.s.ter of silver clouds shrouded Qi Xia’s body, and the damage output of Qi Xia’s magical attacks directly rose to an extremely dreadful degree.

The appearance of the five Mythological Beasts made the group of people from the Broken Star Palace fall into chaos. The cooperation between the Mythological Beasts and their masters was perfect and impeccable. White Tiger, using Yan Yu’s hands, blessed everyone in the Phantom with a huge and strong Sacred s.h.i.+eld. Azure Dragon improved everyone’s movement speed. Qilin rushed the magical power of Qi Xia and Yan Yu directly to their peak state. Black Tortoise raised Tang Nazhi, Yang Xi and Li Xiaowei’s dou qi.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1095

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