The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1106

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That was right. The Broken Star Palace was said to be so powerful, but more than twenty Second Stage Professionals of theirs could not take down five teenagers at the same level. Even if the five teenagers did have the help of their Mythological Beasts, they still numbered less than the Broken Star Palace people.

Under such a situation, the people of the Broken Star Palace had actually been dragged into the bitter side of the battle by the other party, which was really inconceivable.

In such a situation were all people had the same level of strength, having more people represented the advantage in a fight.

However, this fact was completely inconsistent with the current state of the battle.

All the people who had thought a while ago that the Broken Star Palace was powerful had to start thinking again after hearing the words of the teenager.

If the Broken Star Palace was very powerful, then, wouldn’t that make the five teenagers from The Rising Sun City super powerful, enough to go against the heavens?

Everyone was silent. They had long thought that the people from The Rising Sun City were all aberrant. A group of mercenaries with low strength and without high-level magical beasts, yet could beat the elite team of the Magical Fantasy City; a fourteen-year-old City Lord, who incredibly thrashed the City Lord of Magical Fantasy City, Geng Di, with a series of slaps, humiliating him in their match; and the five Second Stage Professionals that came out for the group battle and made the audience greatly shocked.

And now, in this battle of five against twenty-five… they had all summoned their magical beasts that turned out to be Mythological Beasts...

If they did not know, they would not have been surprised. But they knew that both sides were all Second Stage Professionals, yet the fighting prowess of each of the five teenagers from The Rising Sun City was enough to kill anyone in the Broken Star Palace.

People subconsciously became curious about The Rising Sun City— a prosperous city full of aberrant beings.

As the saying goes, “watching a bustling scene is not a thing to be afraid of;” thus, the group of onlookers stood by and watched as they antic.i.p.ated who would come out alive in this battle between the Broken Star Palace and the Phantom.

However, on the real battlefield, the situation on both sides was not very optimistic.

Although Qi Xia's and the others’ personal strength and the power of their Mythological Beasts were very strong, and the tacit cooperation between them was also quite amazing, their small number made them vulnerable. A combination of one person and one Mythological Beast must face at least four people's joint attacks. How great this pressure was could be imagined. If they had not signed a Blood Contract with their Mythological Beasts, they were afraid that their strength would have already been exhausted; but even so, they were still having quite a hard time.

The Phantom members were struggling, but the people of the Broken Star Palace were oblivious to this fact.

Right now, Senior Brother Qian was only wondering whether the five teenagers in front of him were still human beings. Since the battle began until now, not even one of them had received any damage. Instead, the Broken Star Palace had already sacrificed two Second Stage Professionals.

It should be the side with more bullying the side with less, yet they were still the first one whose lineup had been broken. In this case, Senior Brother Qian really did not dare to think the unimaginable.

Senior Brother Qian took three more Second Stage Professionals with him to deal with Qi Xia together. But the longer they fought, the more he became afraid. With Qi Xia’s instantaneous magical attacks, he was like a humanoid artillery. Just a little carelessness and he would be bombarded by his magic. Furthermore, Qi Xia’s magic seemed to never break off; after a sequence of attacks in an instant, he did not have any trace of fatigue at all.

It simply made people cough up blood.

"Qi Xia, why do you choose to stay in the Phantom with such a strength as yours? If you join the Broken Star Palace, you will get more benefits!" Senior Brother Qian had been knocked against the wall by the endless magical power of Qi Xia. At this moment, he could only persuade Qi Xia to join the Broken Star Palace again.

Qi Xia smiled at Senior Brother Qian, but his hands didn’t rest for a bit. The staff in his hand released two large-scale magic spells as he slowly replied, "No matter how good the Broken Star Palace is, in my heart, it’s not even the tiniest bit as good as the Phantom." 

Qi Xia’s refusal was still decisive, but the onlookers on the side were secretly surprised.

What kind of organization was this Phantom? Qi Xia would actually rather give up the invitation of the Broken Star Palace than leave it?

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1106

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