The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1110

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Aeternatrix: The extra chapters, to my knowledge, are to be released on 31st (Halloween), so please no rioting, will update y'all if notified otherwise.

This kind of high-level magic that could only be performed by a Great Magister would instantly gather the magical power of the caster from his whole body. The destruction brought about by The Magic of Life Struggle was unmatched by any other high-level magic skill. As long as Senior Brother Qian finished chanting, then no matter how powerful the Phantom was, there was absolutely no hope of surviving.

After the caster released this magic, he would be completely degraded into a waste, and there would be no possibility of exerting a trace of magic again in his entire life. Also, its magical backlash would cause a great deal of damage to the caster.

This was the truth about the Magic of Life Struggle!

Yang Xi charged forward at an absolute speed. The three people from the Broken Star Palace selected by Shen Yanxiao were Magisters and Magic Archers that had low defense. The outcome for those of these two professions, once Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi closed in on them, could be imagined. In front of several other people, the six animals began to continue their hara.s.sment, not giving the other party any chance to support their left side.

What was more, there was also Lan Fengli, whose fierceness was at another level, suppressing them and giving them a hard time to protect themselves. How could they still find time to mind other things?

The moment Yang Xi charged over to them, the formation between the three men was broken; Tang Nazhi immediately followed after, and a Shatter Cut swept across them, not giving the three men any time to shoot.

Shen Yanxiao had just fought against a Great Swordmaster a while ago. Naturally, she knew how weak these low-defense, long-range professions were after being dragged into a melee battle. In the face of Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi’s hara.s.sment, the three men did not have any opportunity to fight back at all.

Even so, the people of the Broken Star Palace did not concede half a step.

They all knew that their Senior Brother Qian’s Magic of Life Struggle would be their last hope. If they let them interrupt him, then they would really not be left with any hope.

The Broken Star Palace and the Phantom launched another fierce battle, and the two sides did not let each other have their way.

The incantations in Senior Brother Qian’s mouth were getting faster and faster. Pretty soon, the chant was about to end, and the air around them started to be filled with a strong magical atmosphere.

Shen Yanxiao's brows wrinkled tightly. Her eyes stared at Senior Brother Qian. Their several attempts to attack him had been interrupted by several long-range professionals of the Broken Star Palace.

In order to stop him, they had to rush into their protective circle!

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. Her pet.i.te figure hid behind Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi, waiting for an opportunity to move.

The chant of Senior Brother Qian was nearing its end; only the last few syllables and the Magic of Life Struggle could be released. His vicious eyes swept over the several members of Phantom, and he was sinisterly thinking that he would definitely kill them with this!

Just a few more seconds, just a few more seconds!

However, just before Senior Brother Qian could chant the last syllable, a pet.i.te figure jumped from the front of the crowd. Yang Xi gave up his defense and directly threw his s.h.i.+eld into the sky. Shen Yanxiao stepped on it and borrowed the force to jump over the heads of the people from the Broken Star Palace!

An arrow had already been placed on the bowstring, and Shen Yanxiao’s two fingers instantly released the string while she was in the air. Then, a silver light flashed past and flew straight toward Senior Brother Qian.

The Archpriests of the Broken Star Palace gave up their resistance almost at the same time, turning around and putting all the Sacred s.h.i.+elds on Senior Brother Qian.

Even if it was a Magic Archer, it was impossible to break the Sacred s.h.i.+eld of an Archpriest with just a strike.

Almost everyone felt sorry for Shen Yanxiao. The Phantom had been unable to stop Senior Brother Qian’s Magic of Life Struggle.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1110

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