The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1179

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"What… what?" The two elves were completely dumbfounded.

They had only seen customers who would bargain; they had never seen someone who would... increase the price of their own accord!

And the increase was even several times!

"How can we do this?! Dear customer, the fact that you are willing to choose our trading house is already very helpful to us. How can we charge you so much? This is not possible, even if we agree, our leader will not accept it." The two elves hurriedly shook their heads and refused.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless. How could these guys be so pure, ah. She had given them benefits, but these two guys instead looked horrified. If they were replaced by a human merchant, he would have already jumped up and cheered decisively. What was with this reaction?

Shen Yanxiao wiped her face and secretly lamented the gentleness and purity of the elves.

"Listen, twenty is twenty. If you disagree, I will take them to other trading houses to put them up for sale." Shen Yanxiao had to force them to accept her offer.

The two elves exchanged glances between themselves and their faces were full of struggles. After a while, the two elves bowed and apologized, "We’re sorry to have delayed your precious time. If you are still willing to come to us next time, we will do our best to serve you."

"..." Shen Yanxiao thoroughly face palmed!

These two guys would rather let her put her things in other trading houses than get a 20% share of the profit!

They were extremely d.a.m.n honest!

Shen Yanxiao mouth twitched slightly. She really didn’t know if she should be pleased with the upbringing of her maternal family, or feel tragic with these two guys whose minds wouldn’t bend.

"Well, let’s take a step back. I won't force you to accept a 20% share. But don't take only 5%. Let's follow the original rules. How about 10%?" Shen Yanxiao felt a headache. For the first time, she expended a great deal of effort just to put money into others’ pocket.

The two elves hesitated for a while and finally agreed with Shen Yanxiao’s proposal.

"Thank you dear customer." They were not unaware of Shen Yanxiao’s good intentions, but they could not take advantage of her because of their self-esteem as elves.

Although their Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe was downgraded, they could not debase themselves.

"No problem. You just have to sell all these things." Shen Yanxiao thought for a moment then said, "I will send you a list of the things I want tomorrow, you should first clean up these gems."

"Okay." The two elves squatted down and carefully picked up the gems and put them in the bag.

Shen Yanxiao sighed a little. Just looking at the two elves, she could tell that the elves of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe were absolutely not as bad as the outside rumors. She felt that the reason they were demoted and banished was most likely related to her grandfather or father.

Shen Yanxiao and the two elves exchanged a few more words before she left.

Stepping out of the Moons.h.i.+ne Trading House, Shen Yanxiao looked at the adjacent trading house, which looked almost the same size as Moons.h.i.+ne Trading House but was completely crowded. In contrast, the Moons.h.i.+ne Trading House was much more bleak.

Shen Yanxiao secretly clenched her fists. Since she was already here and she had also met the elves of her maternal family, she would definitely help them in the limited period of time she was here.

Shen Yanxiao returned to the inn and immediately contacted Vermillion Bird through their spiritual link.

Vermillion Bird was very surprised when he learned that Shen Yanxiao had entered the Jadeite City. Before he even had time to ask, Shen Yanxiao already explained everything.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1179

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