The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1182

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"Intermediate training camp? Absolutely not! You don't know her ability. If you send her to the intermediate training camp, even if it's only one month, it is a delay to the growth of her ability. We don't have much time. After half a year, we must pick out a number of guards that are enough to enter Moons.h.i.+ne City. Sending her to the intermediate training camp, do you understand that this will delay her growth?" Mo Yu scratched his head. If it were not time-critical, he would not be this extreme.

He also knew how outrageous it was to send a cyan elf to the advanced training camp, but...

They didn't have much time!

"You also know how important it is. How can you choose casually? This matter is related to the safety of the elves. You should not mess around." The always gentle Mo Mu also felt his head become dizzy due to the trouble brought by Mo Yu.

"Ah!!!" Mo Yu stood up directly and stared at his four companions.

"You don't understand. You think my decision is crazy, but you know what? That little fellow's absorption of the power of the Tree of Life is one hundred percent! One hundred percent, do you understand! If we give her the best resources, she can grow faster than all elves!"

"One hundred percent?" Mo Yu's words succeeded in unfolding a surprised look in the eyes of the other four elves.

As the most elite elves, they naturally knew that the degree of absorption of the power of the Tree of Life would seriously affect the growth of an elf.

As far as these elves were concerned, the absorption of the power of the Tree of Life could only be between 80% and 85%, as for the one who had a 100% absorption... except the Elf King, it was impossible to find a second elf in the Moon G.o.d Continent.

Moreover, even the Elf King's absorption of the Tree of Life's power was actually only close to 100%, about 99%.

"Are you telling the truth?" Mo Feng looked at Mo Yu with suspicion. If he didn't know that Mo Yu would not dare to make a joke about this thing, they would really have thought that Mo Yu was just teasing them.

"Nonsense! If it isn't true, why would I send her to the advanced training camp? I'm not a madman!" Mo Yu angrily replied.

The other four elves looked at one another and seemed to be questioning the credibility of Mo Yu's words.

"How did you know that she has a 100% absorption?" This incident was just too shocking, and so Mo Mu had to ask carefully.

Mo Yu took a deep breath then responded, "I've seen it with my own eyes at the test point of Fragrant Night City. Originally, I also didn't intend to let a minor elf enter the training camp; even just the primary training camp, I never thought about letting her enter. But that little girl was very stubborn, so I asked her to go to the test point to test her level and make her give up, but do you know what I saw at the test point?"

"What did you see?"

Mo Yu narrowed his eyes, and everything that happened that day had clearly played back in his mind. Squinting his eyes as he looked at his four companions, he said clearly,

“I saw that after she put her hands into the test liquid, the test liquid changed into three colors in less than a minute! Three colors! Can you imagine it? To think that there is actually an unstable source of life, and is actually able to make a level-by-level breakthrough in such a short period of time. Furthermore, just as she broke through to the red level, all the test liquid evaporated in an instant!"

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1182

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