The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 121

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If you wanted to get anywhere near the level of a great mage, not to mention Great Magister, then you would need to reach at least the 30th level. And Ouyang Huanyu had already practiced to the 35th level…

Looking at Ouyang Huanyu’s age, and considering that you usually needed three or four years to promote… it would require at least a hundred years to reach his level! And that was if you were fast and didn’t encounter any bottlenecks.

Out of the entire continent, the only person who had reached this level was Ouyang Huanyu.

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose. Nowadays, if someone at her age reached the junior swordsman level, they would be considered brilliant. But nowhere near the level of genius of Ouyang Huanyu. I’m afraid it would be absolutely impossible to achieve the same level as Ouyang Huanyu.

If Shen Yanxiao could be called a genius, then Ouyang Huanyu would be a level above that!

Since Ouyang Huanyu appeared, that indicated it was time to start the test.

“Children, you will now be facing a challenge most critical to your future. This year, the cla.s.s test will be carried out by teams of students from every branch, all branches. You will need to gather into groups of five. Teams will be selected on your own. After you determine your team members, you will need to enter the dark forest. There, except for your team, everyone will be a compet.i.tor. Everyone on your team will be given a unique badge. The goal of this test is to gather as many badges as possible, that is, you must take as many badges as you can from other teams.”

“The test will last for seven days. After seven days the badges that you hold, no matter where they originated from, will be used to calculate your team’s score. And the number of badges will determine your cla.s.s placement for the next year.”

Ouyang Huanyu’s comments immediately caused a sensation among the students. All the branches of the Holy Roland School had independent testing so far, but today they put everyone together. Not only did they have to form teams, but they also had to fight.

Magician, swordsman, archer… the students of these branches all laughed. They studied fighting, that was their chosen career. For them, team combat was an opportunity.

In contrast, for the pharmaceutical and priest branches, team combat was a nightmare. What a joke, they are both supporting roles. Do you want them to take a potion and smash someone’s head in? Smash a magician’s hand?

“Since it is a combined test, there are some special provisions,” Ouyang Huanyu looked at the frenzied students and smiled. “Each team must have at least one pharmaceutical and one priest student. Of any other occupation, you may have up to two.”

Ouyang Huanyu’s statement once again set off a burst of noise. This additional provision is undoubtedly to allow the priest and pharmaceutical students a chance.

The suddenness of the change left everyone dumbfounded. They have had very little contact with other branches, so how could they find a team?

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 121

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