The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1228

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"I will give it a try." Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath. This probably was the most frustrating thing she had ever encountered since she crossed over to this world.

Shen Yanxiao tried to use the source of life in her body again, picking up the Purple Baron and trying to shoot another arrow.

However, the effect...

In general, Shen Yanxiao's harvest in the Pure Spirit Tower was quite abundant, but on the training ground, she had been thoroughly discredited...

At the noon break, Shen Yanxiao felt that her whole person was floating looking at those mocking eyes.

Your mother! This is not logical!

When did she get so stupid?

Thinking about her past life when she learned a lot of stealing technique without a teacher, thinking of how domineering she was when she was still a human being, and finally, recalling her great achievements in the Pure Spirit Tower, she couldn't help but wonder -- why did she suddenly become such a tragedy?

Shen Yanxiao couldn't figure it out. She had already done it according to Xiu's instructions, but the results were still minimal.

She didn't care about the reactions of those stupid elves, she was sulking due to her own stupidity.

In the afternoon, the other elves went to the Pure Spirit Tower to cultivate while Shen Yanxiao stayed alone in the training ground. Qie Er had no objection to her actions.

Anyway, Shen Yanxiao was currently the only one to enter the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower. The other elves could only continue to cultivate one day at most at the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower. It was still too early to be able to catch up with her.

Shen Yanxiao stood in the training ground, looking at the flying targets, and her heart was extremely puzzled.

"Did I not do it according to Xiu's words?" Shen Yanxiao picked up the Purple Baron and aimed at the target. She could clearly feel that the source of life in her body was already transmitting power to her hands, but when she shot the arrow, the arrow still couldn't shoot through the protective layer.

"Where is the problem?" Shen Yanxiao sighed. She had never been depressed like this.

'Why don't you try to change the bow?' Xiu suddenly suggested.

"Change the bow?" Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes.

'The bow in your hands is designed according to human nature, but you are using the power of the source of life. Maybe the Purple Baron can't accept the power of your source of life.' Xiu felt a little uncomfortable in his heart seeing Shen Yanxiao depressed. Somehow, he did not want to see this unruly little girl's downcasted face.

Shen Yanxiao thought for a bit before deciding to try Xiu's idea, but...

She only had Purple Baron as her bow, she had no other bow at all, alright?

"I'll borrow An Ran's bow first, then try it." Shen Yanxiao stroke her chin and immediately rushed toward the direction of the Pure Spirit Tower after making up her mind.

In the Pure Spirit Tower, several elves had finished their cultivation. They got up and walked toward the corner where An Ran was sitting.

"An Ran."

An Ran was in the state of cultivation, but when he heard a voice calling out to him, he opened his eyes.

However, in the next second, he was picked up by several elves in front of him.

"An Ran, I thought your relations.h.i.+p with Yan Xiao is so good, how come she has entered the second floor, yet you're still here? She didn't teach you some secrets?" Shui Ling stared at An Ran. Since Shen Yanxiao entered the second floor of the tower, the hearts of these adult elves were somewhat dissatisfied, but the gap between them was too big for them to do anything about it.

Aside from Shen Yanxiao, the only one who could continue to cultivate in the Pure Spirit Tower for the longest time was An Ran.

Shui Ling remembered that when they first entered the Pure Spirit Tower, he seemed to see Shen Yanxiao saying something to An Ran before they started to cultivate. At that time, An Ran and Shen Yanxiao did not rush to cultivate, and only after a long wandering did they sit down in the corner.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1228

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