The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1250

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On this day, An Ran finally returned to the training ground after spending a few days in the dormitory to recover. Although he could enter the Pure Spirit Tower in the afternoon, he could not do large-scale shooting training because of the wound on his shoulder. Finally, when the wound had healed, he couldn’t wait to return to the training ground and practice shooting with Shen Yanxiao.

“How’s your recovery?” Shen Yanxiao asked An Ran.

An Ran replied, "It’s the first time I’ve felt so resilient." His injuries before were not light at all; for a time, he had even lost consciousness. However, he did not expect that once he woke up, he would find that his internal injuries were almost better, and the wounds on his body would recover quite quickly.

"That's good then." Shen Yanxiao just smiled and did not explain much.

An Ran had no idea what she had given him, and Shen Yanxiao had no intention to say what it was either.

Just as Shen Yanxiao and An Ran ended chatting and were ready to start training, a team of elf guards wearing light armor came from outside the training ground.

These elf guards were in charge of the daily safety in the advanced training camp, and rarely appeared in the training ground. But this time, such a team suddenly came in wearing grim expressions on their faces.

For a time, all the elves stopped whatever they were doing, looking at the whistling guards with a look of confusion.

Shen Yanxiao and An Ran also stood by, but the group of guards walked straight toward them.

"Are you Yan Xiao?" The elf guard leading the team looked up and down at the pet.i.te Shen Yanxiao.

"Yes." Shen Yanxiao answered with a slight idea that there was something wrong.

"Very well. Come with us." The elf guard did not explain much. He just directly let the other two elf guards stand on both sides of Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly and asked, "Is something the matter?"

"Have you ever had a conflict with Shui Ling in this period of time?" The elf guard questioned.

"I thought it was called ‘comparing notes’." Shen Yanxiao said, raising an eyebrow.

Was all these because she was too ruthless in dealing with Shui Ling, and that guy ran to complain?

Shui Ling had been recuperating for the past few days and had yet to expose his face again to the public. But today, his name appeared from the mouth of this group of elf guards.

"Shui Ling is dead." The elf guard said without any expression.

"Dead?" Shen Yanxiao was slightly stunned. An ominous premonition suddenly rose in her heart.

Although she had taught Shui Ling a lesson that day, she still exercised a certain degree of propriety so that he would not die. The arrows she shot toward Shui Ling also avoided all the visceras.

Just how did he die?

When the news of Shui Ling’s death came out, it was not only Shen Yanxiao who was shocked, even the elves around her were completely astonished.

"The generals want to see you. Come with me right now." The elf guard said with a taut face.

"Wait! Yan Xiao has nothing to do with this matter. She did not kill Shui Ling!" An Ran could see that the situation was not right, hence he immediately went forward in front of Shen Yanxiao.

"This has nothing to do with you, step back." The elf guard said with a frown.

An Ran still wanted to say something, but Shen Yanxiao stopped him from making another move.

"You continue training here, I will come with them. Anyway, I did nothing of the sort so I’m not afraid of anything. You don’t have to worry." Shen Yanxiao's face held a lazy smile, without the least bit hint of tension.

"Then, be careful on your way." An Ran said through gritted teeth.

"Be at ease. They’ll probably just ask some questions." Shen Yanxiao smilingly said.

After that, Shen Yanxiao consciously followed the team of elf guards until she left An Ran’s field of view. The smile hanging on her face had also faded.

Things were definitely not as simple as they seemed…

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1250

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