The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 129

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13 8 / 2017

Warning: Do not expect too much from me. This is just a product of being idle for a while. Also I cant guarantee the accuracy of the translation for some parts. But if you really cant wait, just like me. Please feel free to read!

Chapter 129th Pig-like Teammates (3)

When did Shen Yanxiao leave, no one but only herself could answer.

The moment that the team seemed to be nearly wiped out, the only surviving person quickly jump in between the tall trees with fast and nimble moves.

“Is it really fine to leave that group of people behind?” A red haired figure appeared on Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder. With his glowing red eyes, he asked furrowing.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you want to come out and have a look outside?” Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow, moving with her pet.i.te agile body.

At this moment, lying on her shoulder was Vermillion Bird, who had been forcibly tucked back into her body from the beginning of her admission to school. Because she needs to hide her ident.i.ty, Shen Yanxiao had to coaxed and have a long in-depth talk with Vermillion bird the day before she got to school. Finally, only with the help of Xiu did this smelly bird obediently settled down inside her body.

Earlier, as soon as the protection period ended, she had been hiding low in the bushes.

Her stature is small, she is two or three years younger than the average students. Their attention most definitely was on Qi Xia and the other three, thus no one noticed her whereabouts. With a wave of her sleeves, she withdrew from the battlefield.

Since there is no thigh to hug, what can she do?

Just by looking at the waves of people following them, she certainly knew that Qi Xia and the others do not have any chance of winning. So rather than sit there and wait for her death, she will just step out first.

As long as she is not captured by anyone, they can continue to stay and wander in the Dark Forest.
“Hmph. If it’s not because of the contract, I will not stay inside master’s body!” Vermillion Bird humphed arrogantly and quickly continued to say, “You don’t have to flee at all. My master should never escape from any danger. They are just a group of small human beings. I will just casually move my finger and they will be grinded to death.”

Vermillion Bird does not understand. That bunch of people looks so fragile so why his disappointing master needs to ran off and not fight.

It’s too damaging to his dignity as a G.o.d Beast.

“Well thank you!! But I am not planning to get eliminated!” Just what is wrong with this G.o.d Beast, always like to use his finger to grind this grind that to death. Even Xiu only killed a rank 8 magical beast, this Vermillion Bird is incredibly brutal to put dozens of students to death!

What G.o.d beast? It’s a monster!

“Just behave or else I will shove you back into my body.” Shen Yanxiao is too lazy to continue arguing with a bird that doesn’t know human rights. She has more important things to do.

Although her team is in miserable state right now, she doesn’t plan on giving up just yet.  The Pharmaceutical formula that she has been holding since was already thrown into the nooks. She, who has just been studying pharmacy for a month and challenging this difficult formula already is equivalent to a kindergarten taking a college entrance exam.

This is not funny at all!

So, from the beginning, she was ready to give up their original plan for the time being.

But only for the time being!

According to her estimations, aside from the partic.i.p.ants, there are also teachers hiding in this Dark Forest who are responsible for the safety of the students. Their task is to send out the students who are already eliminated from the test and to ensure that they are not attacked by the low level magical beasts.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 129

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