The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 136

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Chapter 136th Guinea Pigs (6)

“Cao Xu, are you being serious?” Even Meng Yijun and Shangguan Xiao find it hard to believe him.

Cao Xu humphed lightly, watching the shocked crowd he said: “Of course! I don’t want to be eliminated from the test. Although the trap made from swamp potions is useful, it will be still difficult to prevent the archer’s Flying Claw. If an archer used the flying claw to swing into the cave, the trap on the ground would just be a decoration.”

As a long-range profession, archers possess a skill with a great mobility, the Flying Claw.

It can be easily embedded into stones and trunks, and with the rope connected to the claw, one can securely swing above the trap. This point, Meng Yijun understands very well than anyone else, because he is a great archer.

But this issue was neglected by them from the beginning.

No one thought that Cao Xu would remember this fatal problem in the middle of the night, and even volunteered to stand as a lookout.

“Whether you believe me or not, no matter what you think, I will warn you.. if I am not able to get into the purple cla.s.s this time because of any of you, I will definitely not let that person off.” Cao Xu fiercely stared at the still stunned Li Xiang, his great hostility towards him is clearly shown.

Li Xiang swallowed his saliva, he did not dare to say anything. After all, a swordsman’s physique is far stronger than a frail magician. Once the swordsman closed the distance, it would be difficult for the magician to defend himself.

“Ahem, don’t say that, we are just a little surprised. You can rest a.s.sured that no one will drag anyone down, all of us will get into the purple of our branches.” Meng Yijun smiled. Even though Cao Xu’s att.i.tude is somewhat aggressive, it’s just his temperament. He has always been strong, so he, being tough is normal.

“Then let’s stop this nonsense, hand your badges to me and I’ll keep them, then you can all go back to rest. But I’ll say this, tonight I will be the lookout, tomorrow will be one of you. Except for Shanni, everyone will take turns to keep vigil, don’t think of getting around it!” Cao Xu once again glared at Li Xiang.

“That‘s natural.” Shangguan Xiao nodded, it is very important that someone had volunteered to keep vigil for the first night.

After all, the first day is the most tiring period. After having had to walk all day, they finally found a shelter almost very late that they were already too weary. Who would not want to rest their exhausted body and mind, and keep watch on the first night?

The other youths have no objections to Cao Xu’s actions, they were rather glad for his sudden trustworthy character. They willingly left their badges to Cao Xu’s custody, then these good-looking adolescents continued to rest.

Including his own, Cao Xu put the five badges in his pocket and sat at the entrance of the cave.

Li Xiang watched Cao Xu, when he determined that he really wanted to keep vigil rather than to take revenge on him, only then he was able to sleep at ease.

No matter what the enmities between them, they are members of the same team after all, and can only wait for the exam to end to settle their hatred. Before that, they need to support one another.

After several people fell asleep, Cao Xu who was sitting in the mouth of the cave suddenly stood up and headed to some dark corner outside the hole.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned looking at the badges lying on Cao Xu’s hand, the corners of her mouth then hooked up slightly.

She saw everything that happened earlier inside the cave, she was sure Cao Xu will fail the task, unexpectedly, he did not only show any pressure but also deal with the mission so naturally.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 136

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