The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1381

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From beginning to end, Shen Yanxiao consumed more than 50 bottles of grandmaster potions. She felt that she was filled to a bursting point... filled to bursting...

An Yan also let An Ran send a lot of grandmaster potions, but Shen Yanxiao really couldn’t drink any more.

Under the nourishment of so many grandmaster potions, Shen Yanxiao’s two arms were perfectly back in the morning of the next day, and the wounds on her whole body had all healed as well, leaving only a trace of faint scars. In a few days, even these scars would also disappear without a trace.

The speed of Shen Yanxiao’s recovery was quite astonis.h.i.+ng. Even Wu En and the others felt very surprised.

They did not know that the night before, after Shen Yanxiao fell asleep, a Great G.o.d appeared quietly and sent his power that had been stored for a long time into Shen Yanxiao.

The power of G.o.ds was formidable and could not be compared to that of any race.

On the morning of the second day, a healthy and active Shen Yanxiao appeared in the hall of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe, laughing and greeting the elves of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe.

All the elves looked at Shen Yanxiao with eyes full of horror.

They were very clear about how tragic Shen Yanxiao’s appearance was yesterday. Even if she had drunk a lot of potions, wasn’t this healing speed too abnormal?

An Yan stood in front of Shen Yanxiao’s room for a long time yesterday. Shen Yanxiao knew it, and she planned to talk to her grandmother today. However, she had already circled the whole tribe, yet she still did not find An Yan.

"Uncle An Feng, where is Leader An Yan?" Shen Yanxiao had no choice but to ask An Feng.

An Feng’s expression was very unsightly. He looked at Shen Yanxiao and his eyes were full of hesitation.

An ominous foreboding arose in Shen Yanxiao’s heart.

"Yan Xiao, An Yan gave me the position of the Moonlight Tribe Leader." An Feng struggled for a long time before he finally said everything to Shen Yanxiao.

It turned out that after Wu En and others returned yesterday, An Yan had secretly held a meeting among the high-level officials of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe and in that meeting, she handed over the position of the leader of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe to An Feng.

As for An Yan herself, she went to the Wind City early in the morning!

"What is An Yan planning to do?" Shen Yanxiao gave a start, and the anxiety in her heart became more and more distinct.

An Feng replied sadly, "An Yan thought that she had wronged you, so she wanted to go to the Qingyuan Tribe to solve this matter on your behalf."

"What?!" Shen Yanxiao was directly stunned.

An Yan went to the Qingyuan Tribe to solve the matter on her behalf?

This was not alright!

Not to mention that both Qingyuan Tribe and Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe originally find each other unpleasing to the eyes, just the fact that Yu Ying was half-dead when she was carried back, it was already impossible to reconcile the things between Shen Yanxiao and the Qingyuan Tribe.

Shen Yanxiao’s heart immediately realized a crucial point!

For An Yan to take her place and go to the Qingyuan Tribe, the only way to solve this problem was...

To pay with her own life!

That was why she had arranged everything in the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe before she left.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes, immediately turned around and walked toward her room. She said to Vermillion Bird who was fiddling with the bottles of potion inside the room,

"Vermillion Bird, let's go to the Wind City!"

"Okay!" Vermilion Bird stood up at once without raising any objection.

"Little Xiao'er, you don't have to be hard on yourself this time as well ah." Wu En unknowingly appeared in front of Shen Yanxiao's room. Behind him, Qing Xuan, Jing You, Liang Qiu, and Cang Yan were all looking at Shen Yanxiao with amiable smiles.

"We will go back to the Wind City with you." Wu En said.

Shen Yanxiao froze for a moment, then a nasty light flickered in the bottom of her eyes.


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1381

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