The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 139

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Chapter 139th Say Nothing in Everything (3)

“That’s impossible!” Cao Xu hurriedly inspect his whole body from top to bottom. After rummaging through all the pockets on his clothing, he did not found even a single shadow of a badge.

Seeing Cao Xu in a cold sweat, several people’s complexions suddenly became ugly. Cao Xu, who originally suspects that the three men were intentionally trying to humiliate him cannot help but feel worried at this time.

“Search carefully, look inside your storage ring.” Meng Yijun uttered nervously as he stepped forward.

Cao Xu looked at the ring on his finger, he said anxiously: “Impossible, I simply do not remember anything about this.”

Cao Xu had already taken out all the things inside his storage ring, but there’s still no shadow of the badge.

A heavy atmosphere spread throughout the cave, this situation just dealt a fatal blow to the team’s harmony.

“Cao Xu. What the h.e.l.l is wrong with you? Where’s our badge! Return it to us right now.” Li Xiang was already very anxious. He joined this team to be in a strong group, not to experience this kind of accident.

“Shut the f.u.c.k up!” His head started to ache again, his heart was also anxious. Cao Xu no longer considered the presence of Qian Shanni and just swear angrily.

“You dare to swear at me!” Li Xiang was completely upset. He raised the wand in his hand and was about to release some magic.

Meng Yijun saw that there’s something amiss with the situation. He immediately stopped the impulse of Li Xiang.

“Now is not the time to fight. What really happened last night, we will figure it out. Cao Xu does not have any reason to deceive us. If he’s badge is also lost, then he’ll be eliminated as well. He doesn’t need to do this kind of malicious things.” Meng Yijun is still calm.

“Last night.. I remember that we‘ve all gone to sleep, a while after I heard Li Xiang yelled. Then Cao Xu told us that he is going to keep vigil for the night, and we should leave our badges to him.” Qian Shanni hesitantly stated, her eyebrows are slightly wrinkled.

“I did not say I ‘m going to keep vigil!” Cao Xu growled furiously.

“You’re lying! Last night it was clearly you who wanted to take my badge while I was sleeping. If it wasn’t because I wake up and find out about your actions, I’m afraid that this morning, no one will know that the matter was done by you!” Li Xiang exclaimed.

“d.a.m.n it! I already said a hundred times that I didn’t do it!” Cao Xu is going out of his mind. Are this group of people brain-sick, to say that he took their badges?

“Well! Stop it!” Shangguan Xiao is having a headache watching this group of teammates; he thought that it was stupid of him to promised Cao Xu to join his group. He looked at Cao Xu and genuinely said: “Whether you admit it or not, the fact that you asked for our badges yesterday is clear to the four us. Whether you forgot where you put it or it had been stolen when you’re asleep, these are not the problem anymore.”

“Shangguan is right.” Meng Yijun’s expression is very dignified. “Our badges are all gone now. According to the rules provided by the mentor, our badge should not be removed from our body, now even Cao Xu’s badge has disappeared. This means that our team has lost the qualifications to take the exam.”

“That… what should we do?” Li Xiang is panicking.

“I don’t know. The mentor just said that if the badges of all the five members of a team were gone, then that team will be automatically disqualified.”

The matter with Cao Xu was too strange. He would not benefit from doing this so he absolutely had no reason to lie to them.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 139

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