The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 Going Back to the Peak Again Part 2

After Shen Feng’s words came out asking them, each and every member of the Shen clan looked at each other in dismay. Except for Shen Ling who had an understanding to the outlines of the matter, the others simply did not know just what was the appearance of that magical beast that was imprisoned in the dungeon. It had to be known that ever since this magical beast was brought back into the mansion, Shen Feng had issued a strict order that no one was allowed to enter inside without any permission.

Everyone was actually curious but there was some weight in Shen Feng’s words within the Vermillion Bird clan and who would have the guts to violate his words?

Even if Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei were full of curiosity towards this magical beast, they too could only dare to make a smale-scale commotion by sending Shen Yanxiao to peek behind his back but they themselves did not absolutely dare to even take one step in.

However, what they did not expect was that on that very day when Shen Yanxiao was carried out by the imperial bodyguards, she was already riddled with scars and blood had covered all over her body as if she was soaked by blood. If it was not because of that faint undulations at the pit of her stomach, it was very likely that everyone would have thought that she was already dead.

As for what had happened inside the dungeon and how was that magical beast, apart from Shen Feng and Shen Ling, the others simply did not have the access in knowing.

Today, in seeing that Shen Feng was mentioning the magical beast, everyone also did not dare to talk any words.

Shen Feng snorted as he said, “Never would I have thought that ever since the hundreds of years of my Vermillion Bird clan, it was unexpected that no one is capable of rousing the Vermillion Bird again and that cla.s.s of incompetence made people to simply sneer at us..”

Shen Feng’s words had shocked everyone endlessly. The reason why the Vermillion Bird clan was able to ascend to such an eminent and unapproachable position in the Long Xuan Empire was all due to the time of the initial founding of Long Xuan Empire, the ancestor of the Vermillion Bird clan had obtained a Vermillion Bird of the ancient times. With the cooperation of the Vermillion Bird, the first clan head of the Vermillion Bird clan had helped the monarch in establis.h.i.+ng an enormous advantage during the war in founding the country. Among a great number of magical beasts, the Vermillion Bird’s deposition could yield in making numerous beast to prostrate themselves in wors.h.i.+p. With just a high cry, it was sufficient to shake up all of the bird type magical beast.

They could only conjecture something out of the rumors that the formidability of the Vermillion Bird could only had differed greatly from the strength of an ordinary magical beast. With the usage of the Vermillion Bird’s strength, the Vermillion Bird clan was established. However, after two hundred years of its golden age, it had resulted in a tranquil for nearly a hundred years because from the elders to the youngsters of the Vermillion Bird clan, it was unexpected that no one was capable of rousing the Vermillion Bird that was lying dormant one more time. There was even no need to mention about making a contract with the Vermillion Bird.

This matter itself could be said to be a big grief for the Vermillion Bird clan for the past few years.  

Anyone would have known that having this Vermillion Bird is equivalent to having the Vermillion Bird clan. It could even carry the Vermillion Bird clan back to its summit once again!

This matter was what every younger generation of the Vermillion Bird clan had yearned for even in their dreams. However, for the past many years, there was even no need to say about signing a contract with the Vermillion Bird for there was even no one who had the capabilities to wake the Vermillion Bird that was lying dormant at the lava valley.

‘Clan head, it is not only the Vermillion Bird clan. Even for the Azure Dragon clan, White Tiger clan, Black Tortoise clan and Qilin clan, there are also no one who are able to  wake their mythological animal already for the past hundred years……” Shen Jing, the third son of Shen Feng muttered in a low voice.

What Shen Jing had said was actually true. At the founding of the Long Xuan Empire, in receiving the 5 ancient animal deities blessings, they were complacent with their merits in founding the empire. However, for these hundred years that had came, it was as if the 5 animal deities had made an appointment in sinking into a deep sleep together and there was no one that had woken up. The deep sleep caused by these 5 animal deities had burned anxiousness in the 5 big clans.

Shen Feng frowned as he swept past to have a glance on Shen Jing. Among all the 6 sons of his, Shen Jing could be said to have made the least progress among the sixth of them. Besides spending his time in drinking and pleasure during the entire day, he would fool around with the children of the n.o.blemen. If it was not for the care of the blood relations in his body, Shen Feng would seriously want to grab onto this unfilial son of his and threw Shen Jing out of the clan where his life and death would be on his own. 

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 14

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