The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 150

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Chapter 150th Adding insult to injury (1)

As the night fell again, intense fighting can be heard from the whole Dark Forest.

A group of five teams is furiously catching up to their four targets.

In front of them, four slightly wretched figures are desperately running away.

These four people who are anxious to escape are not others, it is Shen Yanxiao’s four pig-like teammates.

“They’re done! We’ve already said our badges have been handed over to other teams! Why won’t they give up!?” Tang Nhazi, dodging the arrows from the rear, roared with discomfort.

They don’t know why G.o.d is not being good to them. After entering the Dark Forest, they have been chased by six or seven waves of students, shouting to kill their team. The aim of these students is obviously to eliminate them before they regain their strength. No matter how the four men explain themselves that the four badges have been taken away, these several people just won’t believe them, and persist on catching them to search for the badge.

Two days and one night, they cannot count anymore the number of times they’ve been hunted. Those originally bright and neat clothes, this time have become damaged. Every time the magicians threw out flame bombs, it’ll leave charred traces. The hem of their clothes received several cuts from trees as they escape.

Tang Nazhi and the other three young masters, it can be said that from birth to present, this is the first time they’ve been in a humiliating situation!

The students behind are like mad dogs, shooting arrows and magical attacks without any scruple. The four youths ahead did not dare to stop, if they paused even just a little, they’re afraid that the swordsmen behind them will immediately close in and pounce on them.

“It’s clear that they don’t believe us.” There still hung a smile on Qi Xia’s face, but that handsome face is now covered with small scars. As a magician, he is extremely vulnerable when he cannot use magic. The archers and magicians behind the crowd were more focused on him. If he had not reacted swiftly, he would have been wounded.

“They’re trying to force us to use the signal crystal to make sure we’re out of the test.” Qi Xia run and look up at the night sky. Handing over their badge is a foolproof plan, that’s what he thought at first. But he didn’t expect to run into other teams. Even if they explain that their badges are gone, but they have not been eliminated from the test, that group of people naturally will not believe their rhetoric.

If it were the usual days, don’t even say there are 20 students behind them. Even if double their numbers, who will dare to look down on him? But his current strength is limited to deal with the situation. Aside from his physical strength which is the fruit of his daily physical training, he cannot even throw out few of the simplest flame bombs.

“d.a.m.n, these group of people are so annoying.” Even the always-sarcastic Yang Xi was upset by this no fun chase. As a knight with a strong defense, his situation should be the best of the four. Most of the attacks were blocked by his s.h.i.+eld, but even so, his clothes had been burnt by the magician’s flame.

This endless chase made the three youths who are subjected to the potion very annoyed. They don’t even have time to rest. Last night, when they finally found a quiet place to sleep, they unexpectedly meet with two other teams.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 150

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