The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 152

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Chapter 152nd Adding insult to injury (3)

However, the shout of Tang Nazhi did not get the desired response.

After hearing that one of them was injured, the students did not slow down, but pursued more fiercely.

“Now that someone is hurt, will you please hand over the badge?”

“It’s best that one of them is injured, they won’t be able to hold on for too long. Let’s take this chance to take the four of them down and put them out of the test.” Several students are excited. They look forward to their ability to get this super team out of the test early. That way, even after the exam was over, they would be able to tell people that the top students in the magician branch, the knight branch and the priest branch were not that great after all, and that they didn’t flee ignominiously from the battle.

Moreover, they’re not worried about Qi Xia and the others’ retaliation. They have been informed that before, a lot of teams had chased the four of them; add up to at least hundreds of students. They don’t believe that Qi Xia and the other three can figure them out one by one from among those hundreds of people.

“By the way, why are there only four of them in their ranks? I remember there was a new pharmacist in their team.” A student was puzzled and asked his companion.

“Who knows, we’ve been chasing them for half a day, and we haven’t seen that kid. It’s either he was separated from the four of them or is hiding somewhere. Anyway, he’s just a freshman from the pharmaceutical branch with no fighting ability; we just need to get Qi Xia and the three out of the test. We don’t need to worry about where that kid is.”

In this test, if a member who has lost his badge wants to quit early, it is also possible. So they’re not worried about the whereabouts of the other person. After all, a freshman in the pharmaceutical branch, not even a pharmacist’s apprentice, what is there to be afraid of?

The group of students became more unbridled; Qi Xia and others faced the attacks unabated.

“This group of guys, I’ll beat them up sooner or later and knocked their teeth off!” Tang Nazhi is obviously aware of the increase in attack. If not because he promised his old man, he would like to go straight and kill this group of little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

“There are plenty of opportunities later.” The corners of Qi Xia’s mouth hooked up into a sneer. This usually pampered and n.o.ble young master is right now full of strong killing intent.

Yan Yu’s condition became more and more grim. Yang Xi was almost not able to feel his breath. Seeing the steep slope at the front of the forest, Yang Xi gritted his teeth: “There’s no other way. We’ll jump straight down, as long as we can get rid of this group of people, Little Yu can take his medicine.”

Qi Xia and Tang Nazhi immediately agreed to Yang Xi’s proposal. Four people quickly rushed to the slope, under the shocked gazes of the people behind them, they jump off without hesitation.

“Are they trying to kill themselves?” Stunned, the group of students looked at the back of the four youths as they jumped down. They then hurriedly run to the slope. Below is just darkness, they can only faintly see the four figures fell beneath the slope and gradually disappeared in the night.

Looking at such a steep slope, the group of students unconsciously swallowed their saliva. Such steepness, the four people really jumped down, won’t they be seriously injured?

In the dark, Yang Xi carried Yan Yu all the way down the slope. Qi Xia and Tang Nazhi followed, even if there was gra.s.s to protect, but the stones on the ground made the four of them suffer.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 152

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