The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1542

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The beast tide finally struck, but Shen Yanxiao did not panic at all.

"Yang Xi, let the midair troops come out." Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and instructed.

Under one command, all of the flying magical beasts of the four-nation alliance and The Rising Sun City were dispatched, holding a black oil barrel under each of their claws.

The soldiers of the four-nation alliance did not know what Shen Yanxiao wanted to do. The beast tide was already outside the city gate. Yet, Shen Yanxiao did not let anyone go outside the city to fight those demon beasts, but made them gather all the flying magical beasts instead.

However, Shen Yanxiao also stayed true to her previous words. She truly did not let them be just cannon fodder.

The flying magical beasts of the four-nation alliance and The Rising Sun City had been integrated, numbering in the tens of thousands. These flying magical beasts flew ahead with a few Mythological Beasts, flying toward the demon beasts outside The Rising Sun City.

There were not many flying-type beasts among the demon beasts. Hundreds of flying demon beasts were immediately killed by these tens of thousands of flying troops of The Rising Sun City before they could have time to display their ferocity.

The flying magical beasts hovered over the heads of the demon beasts. Vermillion Bird issued a shocking bird cry, then every flying magical beast smashed down the oil barrels under their feet at the same time!

The arm-length oil barrels poured down like rain toward the demon beasts below. The demon beasts issued a furious roar, but then, they found that this thing hitting their bodies didn’t hurt at all; it was just sticky and uncomfortable.

The oil in the barrels covered the group of demon beasts that were closest to The Rising Sun City, and the next second, all the fire magical beasts displayed their own maximum-range fire strikes.

In an instant, the raging flames spread rapidly in the front of the demon beasts. The flammable oil was ignited at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

The entirety of The Rising Sun City seemed to be engulfed in flames.

The flying magical beasts took advantage of their superiority in the air and began to madly chase the demon beasts surrounded by flames.

The demon beasts sent out mournful wails under the burning of the heat.

On the walls of The Rising Sun City, everyone saw the scene of the demon beasts being burned and looked at the expressionless Shen Yanxiao in amazement. They didn’t expect that in the first wave of conflict with the demon beasts, she could actually come up with such a method!

Use all the oil that had not been made into flaming artillery!

These raging flames formed a natural barrier for The Rising Sun City. Even though the demon beasts had thick and rough skin, they could not withstand the flames of such fires.

The demon beasts at the front-end had been thoroughly burnt by the flames and howled in grief. This method of Shen Yanxiao’s had easily eliminated tens of thousands of demon beasts.

The people were excited in their hearts; Shen Yanxiao, however, did not relax at all.

Looking at the dense army of demon beasts at the rear, her heart was extremely shocked.

This was only the beginning. To fight off the beast tide, it was not enough to rely on this little cleverness.

"Big Brother Siyu, I’m giving the rear to you." Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Siyu. The initial battle could not be done by the inexperienced four-nation alliance and people of The Rising Sun City. Otherwise, it was feared that their unfamiliarity with the demon beasts would cause them a great deal of casualties. Therefore, it was definitely the most suitable choice to let the G.o.d’s Domain make the initial attack.

Shen Siyu smiled and nodded. He raised his arm and the tens of thousands of people of the G.o.d’s Domain behind him immediately set out.

The gates of The Rising Sun City opened, and the proxy G.o.ds clad in white walked into the fiery battlefield with a layer of faint light shrouding their bodies.

It was not the sacred s.h.i.+eld of the Priests, but was rather the divine power.

As if feeling the atmosphere of the divine power, the demon beasts that had been shut off by the flames began to make uneasy roars.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1542

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