The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 155

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Chapter 155th The ignorant are fearless (1)

A group of students on the slope looked down with their heads outstretched.

“This.. you’re not going to fall to your death, right?” One student swallowed his saliva.

“No, it doesn’t seem particularly high.” Another student said with an obvious lack of confidence.

“Why are you being afraid? Anyway, they didn’t see our faces, even if something happened, they couldn’t find us.”

“You’re right. They also jumped down on their own. We have nothing to do with that.”

“This is good enough. I don’t think that after they fell down, they’re going to have the strength to continue taking the test. They’ll soon crush the signal crystal to have help from the mentors.”

“Then let’s go. They won’t come anyway.”

A group of students talked for a long time, but there was no movement at the bottom of the slope, they turned around and just decided to go.

However, the moment they turned around, they were frozen in place.

“Where are you going?” Qi Xia’s arms ring on his chest, eyeing the group of silly students with a faint smile on his face. Yang Xi and Yan Yu were each standing on his sides. Three slender teenagers, under the moonlight, their tall, elegant figures make people unable to turn away their gaze.

How did they come up!?

The group of students stared at the three silent people before them. They had just seen these three jumped down the slope, and then they had been staring at the slope, yet they had not found any movement. How the h.e.l.l did they get up here?

But what made these students even more surprised is that, the original small wounds on their faces seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Three fair, handsome and flawless faces, there’s not even a little hint of misery.

“Thank you a lot for your prior care. It’s now time for us to reciprocate.” Qi Xia’s lips hooked into a smile, coldness flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes. It’s clearly a look of a n.o.ble young man, but somehow it made one’s heart quiver in cold.

The students subconsciously stepped back, cautiously staring at the three youths’ movements.

At this time, the appearances of the three people seem to have completely changed. There’s no more hint of exhaustion and weakness, but only an imposing demeanour which a student in the top should have.

Several people cannot help but have some questions in their hearts. How come these three people seem to have already drunk the antidote?

But the three were just out of their sight for more than 10 minutes, how come they could suddenly get an understanding of the potion? Besides, if they remember correctly, the two pharmacists in this team are all freshmen in the pharmaceutical branch, and it’s totally impossible to configure the antidote in such a short amount of time.

But if they didn’t drink the antidote, what could be the other possible reason to their vigorous appearance.

Although they are filled with doubts, the students are not fools. They know that Qi Xia’s return is to settle accounts with them.

“There are only three of them. We have so many people on our side, there’s nothing to be afraid of!” A student boldly exclaimed.

“I don’t believe they can configure the antidote in a short period of 10 minutes, moreover, their team’s pharmacists are just two freshmen, one of which hasn’t shown his face yet. Ghosts know that they’re just here because they don’t want to lose face. Let’s go and see if they have the ability to resist!” One more student was in the mood to incite the crowd.

After they heard what the two people said, the other nervous students were immediately relieved.

That’s right. They don’t believe Qi Xia and the other two can get the antidote in such a short time. Therefore, their real strength hasn’t restored yet, so what are they being afraid of?

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 155

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