The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 181

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Chapter 181st Return (3)

Even though the Holy Roland School has been holding the sign board of the warlock branch, in the eyes of the students and the mentors, the warlock has long been a public enemy.

Moreover, the warlock attacked the other students in the test. With the other people’s hostility, it is feared that once the students is found out, he will be expelled from the Holy Roland School.

The old man is very clear about all of this.

“Humph. I knew you people only have useless things. Since it’s a test, of course, it’s all about ability. The two students must lack ability to fall into the hands the warlock.  It just means that they are not the warlock’s opponent.” The old man said to Ouyang Huanyu without any tension, rather, proudly. If Ouyang Huanyu knows the ident.i.ty of the student, he will not be coming here to talk nonsense. He’s speaking so much to him, only because he has no clue.

“Is it? The top of the swordsman branch has no ability?” Ouyang Huanyu revealed a smile.

The old man’s eyebrows lifted.

“The top name of the swordsman branch Cao Xu, and another student of the same branch were controlled by the combination curse technique ‘illusion’, losing all their badges and three bottles of antidotes. As far as I know, this combination curse technique is not very high-leveled, but on the entire Radiance Continent, there are a few warlocks who can cast this curse.” Ouyang Huanyu stared at the expression on the old man’s face.

“What does that have to do with me? You have the nerves to say it was a top student, but was actually controlled by the curse technique. I see now that the staffs of your several branches are a group of trash.” The old man snorted, he was clearly in a bad mood.

“Perhaps. However, right now, many mentors are dreading the issue of the warlock. I wanted to see if that person had anything to do with you, if there is any relation, the warlock branch will usher in the first student. But since you do not know that person, the warlock might not be here to become a real student and has another purpose in coming into the Holy Roland School. In order to ensure the safety of the School, I am afraid I need to order this matter to be deal with.” Not receiving the old man’s positive response, Ouyang Huanyu is quite helpless.

“Suit yourself.” The old man is *not taking in oil or salt. He turned around and continued to tidy up the books on the table.

[tl: *being stubborn / refusing to listen or consider things]

“Then, I will not disturb you any further.” Ouyang Huanyu did not say anything anymore and directly left the warlock tower.

It was not until Ouyang Huanyu left the warlock tower that the old man lifted his head from the pile of books. And the expression on his face had long since turned from contempt to surprise.

“Have you learned the combination curse techniques? Good boy, you really have a talent!” Just like what Ouyang Huanyu said, in the entire Radiance Continent, he’s afraid that he is the only one left who can use such curse technique. But he hasn’t stepped out of the Holy Roland School for many years, and the people outside simply cannot learn the curse.

The only possibility is the little guy who took away the sheepskin book.

The old man clearly remembers, it was only one month ago since the little guy flipped through some books, but he incredibly able to use the four-level combination curse technique?

What a gift!

The old man knew the difficulty of the combination curse techniques. At first, he didn’t think that the kid who took the sheepskin book would touch the combination curses in such a short time, but now it seems that he has underestimated him.

“The student the master. The little guy didn’t waste this old man’s painstaking efforts at all. Very good, very good!” The old man’s eyes were full of excitement.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 181

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