The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 182

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Chapter 182nd Hiding shortcomings (1)

The old man was very excited for a moment, but calm down almost immediately. Ouyang Huanyu’s words echoed in his ears. He didn’t doubt in the least that Ouyang Huanyu, in accordance with his words, will trace the student’s ident.i.ty. With Ouyang Huanyu’s skills, he’s afraid that it will not take too much effort before the child is exposed…….

The old man gazed at the dim sky outside the door, on his face is a worried expression.

The present Radiance Continent is not the same as it was in the past. On this piece of wide road, the warlock’s path is too rough.

He clenched his fists tightly, took a deep breath and made the next decision in his heart.

Shen Yanxiao, who’s lying on her bed inside the dormitory didn’t know that an incident directed at her is gradually approaching.

… …

The results of the test were released on the third day. All the students of the Holy Roland School went into the square and crowded in front of the bulletin board to check their grades and the they will be a.s.signed to.

Tang Nazhi dragged Shen Yanxiao and struggled to open a path from among the layer of students until they were finally at the front of the pharmacist’s bulletin board. Tang Nazhi immediately found his own name and Shen Yanxiao’s name placed above of the list. That’s a no-brainer. Both of them obtained a very high grade in the test and should be a.s.signed to the purple cla.s.s of the pharmaceutical branch this fall.

But what makes Tang Nazhi even more excited is that, in this year’s test result, “Shen Jue”, these two words are written at the very top of all the names, and the corresponding grade is also awe-inspiring, which can make one envious.

“Little Jue! You’re the top!” Tang Nazhi exclaimed with a pleasant, surprised expression as he grabbed on Shen Yanxiao’s shoulders and started shaking her. He was in a great delight almost as if he won the first prize in a lottery.

After Tang Nazhi’s exclamation, the original noisy surrounding around the bulletin board suddenly fell dead silent.

All gazes uniformly fell upon Shen Yanxiao.

Envy, jealousy, doubt, suspicion, contempt, disdain… …

A mult.i.tude of intricate looks are concealed in the eyes of every student. Some of these students did not encounter Shen Yanxiao in the encampment, and this is the first time they saw the new top student in this term.

Standing beside the tall figure of Tang Nazhi, Shen Yanxiao’s originally pet.i.te body appeared more small than usual. There is no hint of a smile on the ordinary looking face, and due to Tang Nazhi’s shaking, her brows were knitted into a frown.

“Is that her?” A group of freshmen crowded together, looking at the top student with no considerable feature.

The freshman students are not as arrogant as the students in the higher grades. They dare not openly show hostility towards Shen Yanxiao. But they also more or less heard the rumors about ‘Shen Jue’ back at the encampment.

Rumors such as, Shen Jue is an idiot with no ability, just good at flattering, always currying favor with the young masters of the five great clans, only to get such result in the test.

Now that the freshmen have seen the rumored guy, they felt as if all the rumors were true.

The guy appears to be too ordinary that when he is standing in the heap of people, he will never attract anyone’s attention. And compared to the majority of the students who have attained the age of 15 years, his age of 13 years old appears to be really small. Coupled with that willow in the wind, feeble physique, it really cannot let people think of him as a powerful figure.

It was Tang Nazhi that stood beside her, the tall and handsome youth, and the young master of the Black Tortoise Clan, who everyone thinks is more suitable for the top position, not such a tiny fellow.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 182

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