The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 187

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Chapter 187th Finding the warlock (3)

Annoying, G.o.d was annoying!

Shen Yanxiao also cursed this bunch of foolish people who lacks enlightenment in her mind. Tang Nazhi was absolutely right. Only a part of the warlock has gone wrong, but the people of Radiance Continent have sentenced all the warlocks to death. This narrow-mindedness simply raises one’s hackles. She couldn’t understand. Since she started cultivating the warlock’s path, she hasn’t hurt anyone yet. How come the complexions on these people’s faces had changed immediately once they heard about the warlock?

Except from teasing those bear children, Shen Yanxiao asked herself how many curse techniques she had learned had not yet succeeded in hurting people. Even her flares’ destructive power was better than the illusion and collapse.

However, no matter how much Shen Yanxiao despises the people’s IQ, right now, she has to face the impending crisis.

Martial firestone and magical spirit stone were the easiest methods to detect the dou qi and magic in one’s body. By just putting both hands on it, martial firestone and magical spirit stone will reflect the state of the dou qi and magic through different colors.

For example, when a swordsman made contact with the martial firestone, the stone will emit a gold l.u.s.ter; this was dou qi of pure strength.

While the knight was silver, which represents sacred dou qi. Then the archer was red.

On the other hand, when a magician touched a magical spirit stone, it will emit a blue sheen. Same with the knights, the priest was silver, but more gentle.

And warlock… …

It was said to be black.

The disparity in the color was too big. Shen Yanxiao, trying to get away with this predicament would be difficult. The testing stones would not give her a chance to lie. But she’s actually also very curious about the strength of her own dual-cultivation; will the stone treat her as someone who cultivated in martial arts, or will it detect her magic as the main one?

She’s not certain, and she didn’t want to take the risk.

Just as Shen Yanxiao was pondering, the voice of Xiu astonis.h.i.+ngly rang in her mind.

‘Little girl, in trouble?’ Xiu’s voice was still as cold as ever, but having her both ears heard them was more than anything good.

“Uncle, you finally came out!”

After entering the dark forest, Xiu hadn’t been in contact with her. She once thought that the giant buddha cat had gone to sleep, unexpectedly at this crucial moment, he brilliantly appeared on the stage once again!

It could be said that in this world, Xiu was the one who Shen Yanxiao trusts the most. Because it was Xiu who had opened the door to the light for her, so she didn’t have to hold onto the name of a waste any longer.

“Hey, do you have any idea?” Shen Yanxiao whispered some words while the people were not paying attention.

‘What? Are you afraid of being discovered?’ The tone of Xiu rose slightly.

“Try to guess!! I don’t still want to get out of school. I haven’t visited the archer branch yet to steal some skill books, and if I was kicked out now, where should I supposed to get it?” Despite not having much interest in the pharmaceutics field, the collection of various branches of the Holy Roland School was of great importance to her; merely a sheepskin book had benefited her. She still hasn’t gone to the archer branch to search for some good stuff, how could she go home so soon?

Moreover… …

She didn’t feel that if Ouyang Huanyu discovered her ident.i.ty, she can safely leave the Holy Roland School.

‘Don’t worry.’ It was rare for Xiu to say some soothing words.

But Shen Yanxiao didn’t feel comforted at all. How could she not worry, this group of people with limited IQ have been treating warlocks as scourge, alright?

‘I am here, you can rest a.s.sured.’ It was the same cold, chilling voice, but like a charm that let Shen Yanxiao have a peace of mind.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 187

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