The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 190

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Chapter 190th Path of an Archer (3)

“Right now, I’m going to teach the most basic characteristics of medicinal herbs. Inside my cla.s.s, I don’t to want to hear any noise…”

Shen Yanxiao supported her head with one hand, listening to the mentor’s stern sermon. It was not until half the cla.s.s time pa.s.sed that the rather long-winded pharmacist mentor began teaching for real.

“This is really depressing. We’re actually starting from the characteristics of medicinal herbs? I have long memorized these things.” Tang Nazhi muttered gloomily.

For students who could pa.s.s the test, after a period of exercises, they couldn’t be more clear about the most basic things regarding the medicinal herbs. Many people will naturally lack interest on the mentor’s lesson.

Shen Yanxiao’s situation completely differed from the other students. Her entrance exam was just a *blind cat running into a dead mouse, a mere stroke of luck. Not to mention the simplest medicaments, she was not even clear about those medicinal herbs.

[tl: *total fluke]

Therefore, it was very valuable for her to learn the tasteless knowledge of others.

Throughout the day, Shen Yanxiao was seriously studying the knowledge on pharmaceutics.

Not because of her ambition for pharmaceutics, but the fact that she felt that the profits of the pharmacist profession were so objective. Since Shen Feng had sent her to the pharmaceutical branch, naturally, she would not miss such a good opportunity. She didn’t want to frequent a pharmacy store to throw money, it was certainly best if she could make potions herself.

Tang Nazhi was amazed seeing the seriousness of Shen Yanxiao towards the cla.s.s. In his heart, Shen Yanxiao was already a super genius in pharmaceutics, but this very genius was still giving so much attention to the most basic things. He found it very incomprehensible.

He could only silently stared at the wholly-absorbed appearance of Shen Yanxiao, making her looked like in a trance. But it only took a moment before he got bored, he could only force himself to listen thoroughly and put the lesson in his heart.

This situation lasted for a full half month. For a half month, during the day, Shen Yanxiao spent all her time studying some potions and medicaments, and at night, she still didn’t give up learning curse techniques. However… she obviously used a mere one month to learn two combination curse techniques before. But now, half a month had already pa.s.sed and she was still unable to successfully learn any combination curses. This situation made her very puzzled.

But Xiu inwardly pointed out to her that she must wait for the third layer of the seal to be undone. Shen Yanxiao could only blame it all on the seal.

With the seal undone, her strength’s growth was as fast as a rocket, but if the seal was not undone, she was simply a snail.

It would be difficult to have a breakthrough in the curse techniques, so Shen Yanxiao could only put her thoughts on the archer’s path.

Taking advantage of the dead of night, she ventured into the archer branch library.

Unlike the warlock towers, the archer towers were guarded extremely tightly. She had spent half a day’s effort just to avoid the guards and slipped in.

After entering the archer tower, she immediately sprang to the second floor. She started finding what she needed in the boundless sea of books. Because the archer tower was often visited, Shen Yanxiao also didn’t dare to stay inside for too long. She could only hurriedly look at some books containing base knowledge of the archer profession, choosing one or two that she felt would be useful and hid them inside her ring, and then stealthily sneaked out of the archer tower afterwards.

However, there was a problem that let Shen Yanxiao very distressed.

Learning the archer profession was not the same as learning the warlock. The archer must have a weapon!

Warlock was the only one among the six professions that didn’t need weapons and staves, but the archer must have a bow!

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 190

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