The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 197

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Chapter 197th A dog eyes look down on a person (1)

The shop a.s.sistant standing on the second floor, upon seeing Meng Yijun and the other two, immediately greeted them up. A flattering smile heaped on his face.

“Young master Meng, you came. Are you going to choose a bow?”

Meng Yijun was about to see the gilt wooden longbow, seeing the eager attentiveness of the shop a.s.sistant, he nodded.

“It just so happened that we have a newly arrived gilt wooden longbow here, please come.”

Just like a matchless servant, the shop a.s.sistant took Meng Yijun to the gilt wooden longbow, not putting Shen Yanxiao who’s already there since a while ago in his eyes.

Businessmen in Black City were very shrewd. Shen Yanxiao, dressed in plain clothes, the body without jewelries; it was unlikely to be a kid from a rich family. Meng Yijun on the other hand was an old customer of their shop, and every time he would visit, he would smash down a lot of gold coins. In addition, Meng Yijun was a student of the Holy Roland School. Who didn’t knew in the entire Black City that the students of the Holy Roland School were all rich, each shot was quite ostentatious.

Comparing the two people, the shop a.s.sistant didn’t put the poor kid in his eyes at all. The youth had been standing there for a long time, it’s reckoned that he couldn’t draw any cash to pay.

Meng Yijun stared at the sparkling gilt wooden longbow in the shelf before his eyes. Although the bow that he was using before was also good, but in front of the gilt wooden longbow it’s totally not comparable. Two high-level magic nucleus, how extravagant was that. His heart would naturally be moved.

But he also took note of Shen Yanxiao who was standing aside. The moment he arrived at the second floor he already saw the kid standing there, obviously interested in the bow as well. Meng Yijun looked at the opponent from head to toe, his eyes immediately revealed a color of contempt.

How could such a poor kid afford such an expensive weapon?

“This bow is really the best ah!” Wan Li and another juvenile’s eyes immediately showed a stunning color after seeing the gilt wooden longbow set up in the shelf. But they soon noticed the price of the bow.

More than 1 million gold coins!

The two youths unconsciously swallowed their saliva. Although their family also have a little background, the price was just too big that they unbearably wanted to cry. With the financial resources of the two people, buying a bow that costs 10 or 20 thousands gold coins was their limit.

To take out more than 1 million gold coins, it was wholly impossible.

Looking at the entire Holy Roland School, only a few people could afford to spend money on such expensive weapon.

Even Meng Yijun slightly frowned when he saw that price. His family’s financial resources were abundant, but it was still not easy to take out a lot of gold coins at once. However, such a good bow was extremely rare and it would be really a pity to just give up on it.

The shop a.s.sistant, seeing the hesitation of Meng Yijun, immediately said: “Young master Meng, this bow is not just a small thing. Its whole body is not only made from the precious gilt wood, it is also inlaid with two magic nucleus of rank 8 magical beasts. Just to get these two rank 8 magic nucleus, our shop has employed more than 200 mercenaries. Plus, this bow was personally built by a division master, it’s natural for its value to be high. But I believe that once you buy it, you will understand that you did not unjustly spend your money. ”

Meng Yijun was slightly surprised. Gilt wood and rank 8 magic nucleus were extremely impressive, but the shop a.s.sistant finally said ‘personally built by a division master’, this made Meng Yijun even more shocked.

The creation of a superb weapon required not only excellent materials and precious magic nucleus, but also a highly-skilled forging division. The higher the level of the forging division, the more powerful the weapons built. In the entirety of Long Xuan Empire, only two or three people had reached the master level in forging division, and the division master from the shop a.s.sistant’s mouth was one of them.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 197

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