The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 201

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But contrary to what everyone was thinking, Shen Yanxiao was not at all deterred by the price. Instead, she reached out to her ring on her finger to obviously pay for the bow.


“This kid is not really going to buy this bow right?” There’s a smile on Wan Li’s face as he watched the good show about to happen. He had to admit that in his heart, he felt that the broken bow was not worth the price. It was neither made from gilt wood nor was inlaid with any magic nucleus. No one will buy it unless they had enough money to waste.


“You think this kid can take out 3 million gold coins? You’re insane, taking out 30 gold coins is already good for him.”


Shen Yanxiao turned a deaf ear to the mocking of the two and simply took the ring from her finger and opened it to pour out the gold coins.


Stack of gold coins poured down like a rainfall, and the jingling sound resounded throughout the second floor.


Wan Li and the others were dumbfounded. They were stunned to see a constant stream of gold coins falling out of the ring. The golden coins then were soon on the ground had turn into a pile of mountain.


The whole second floor was dead silent. Except from the sound of falling coins, no one dared to utter a word.


What the heck!!!


Even if you kill Wan Li and Meng Yijun a thousand times, they would never think that this seemingly incomparable poor imp could incredibly piled up a mountain of gold coins with a wave of his hand!


Watching as the golden mountain heaped up even higher, the worldview of Wan Li and the others was completely distorted.


Who said that this kid was a poor ghost, this was obviously what a local tyrant was!


The layers of gold coins on the ground had already drowned their calves, but still, countless gold coins continue to fall from the ring.


Wan Li and Meng Yijun’s face turned from white to green and then purple.


G.o.d knows how much gold coins were in that ring!


The man standing behind the desk dropped his chin on the ground. Seeing that the whole second floor was about to be flooded with endless gold coins, he hurriedly rushed out of the counter in dismay. He bowed to his waist and stood at the side of Shen Yanxiao to stop her from continually pouring out gold coins.


“Young master! Young master! This young master, please be lenient. If you continue to go on like this, our second floor will be flooded with your gold coins.” The shop a.s.sistant was now in a cold sweat; he was itching to get himself a big slap in the mouth.


He claimed to have great eyesight, yet he failed to see that from the start, this modest youth dressed in plain clothes was a rich master!


The shop a.s.sistant wanted to cry. He really wanted to hold Shen Yanxiao’s thigh and cry. Why was he so low-key? His low profile completely made him regard him as a poor ghost. If it weren’t for this rich master wanting to buy this bow, he’s afraid that he had lost a big customer because of his stupidity!


Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. Didn’t they say they wanted her to take out the money? She did it according to their wishes, how these several people’s face was as ugly as a ghost? The shop a.s.sistant was even sweating profusely like she was going to eat him.


“Young master, this one is really embarra.s.sed but I’m afraid our shop can’t install so many gold coins. How about I accompany you to the bank just next door? There will be someone responsible for turning your money into a crystal card. This will be convenient for you in buying things.” This was the first time the shop a.s.sistant saw someone who didn’t put his money on a bank. Instead, he stored them in the storage ring and wanders around. Although their shop was big enough, but 3 million gold coins poured down on the floor, how can they do business ah!

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 201

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