The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 202

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Chapter 202 - Chapter 202: Smas.h.i.+ng you with gold coins (3)

Shen Yanxiao smiled and replied: “Okay.”


The shop a.s.sistant quickly wiped away his cold sweat: “Young master, there is also another thing I have to tell you first. It isn’t  that we can’t sell you the bow, but this bow was personally built by the division master, and he had said that if anyone wanted to buy this bow, he needs to see him first. Do you mind if I let someone clean up the coins first? And then would you please go with me to see the master?” The man wanted to cry but had no tears. He never dreamed that there’s still such a fool in this world, incredibly willing to dig out 3 million just to buy a semi-finished product.


“This bow was made by a division master?” Stunned at the side; Wan Li drew in a cold breath. Just a moment ago, he said that the thing wasn’t worth much money. Who knew this seemingly ordinary semi-finished product also came out from the hands of a division master.


The weapons built by a division master were all premium products, who knew what the level of this bow was.


Even Meng Yijun might not be allowed to take hold of this semi-finished product to a.n.a.lyze the value of it.


Shen Yanxiao knitted her brows, she didn’t know that buying this weapon could actually be quite troublesome.


“Very well.” She didn’t really want to part away with this weapon that could resonate with her that’s why Shen Yanxiao nodded.


“Okay, please come this way.” The shop a.s.sistant hastened to serve him and went from left and right to call out several guys from the first floor to tidy up the gold coins on the floor.


Meng Yijun and the others watched as the shop a.s.sistant led Shen Yanxiao out of the second floor of the gold-smelting weapon shop. His expression was ugly as if he had eaten a fly. Who would have thought that the broken bow had came from the hands of a division master. No matter what the weapon was as long as it was stamped with the imprint of the master himself, the value would be hard to measure.


And who didn’t know in the Black City that the division master, though had a famous reputation, it was also known that he was an eccentric person.  How many people had spent a lot of money just to meet him but were shut out? In the end, the division master wanted to see the one who wanted to buy that semi-finished product; it’s just simply unacceptable.


Meng Yijun looked at the gilt wooden longbow on his hands. The original delight he had, had long been replaced by a sour mood. He took out more than 1 million gold coins and thought he had already bought the best bow but in the end, the price was not even half of that semi-finished product and what’s more worse is that he wasn’t even honored to meet the division master.


But even if he did take the bow first, he’s afraid that there was no way he can pull out 3 million gold coins.


One million was the limit he could afford.


But three million…


Who was that kid in the end? How could he spend so freely without batting an eye!


Meng Yijun didn’t know that he’s not contending against one person’s money, but rather the state treasury of the entire Long Xuan Empire!


Shen Yanxiao followed the lead of the shop a.s.sistant, leaving the gold-smelting weapon shop. Through the bustling weapon street, they went to the most peak part of the road.


There was a very simple and small two-storey building that was built close to the walls of the Black City. Different from those elaborated weapon shops, this two-storey building was dim even if it was under the sun, and it could even make people ignore its existence.


The shop a.s.sistant standing in front of the two-storey building bowed to Shen Yanxiao and said: “Guest, please wait for a moment, I’ll go knocked the door.”


Shen Yanxiao nodded. Her heart was also currently wanting to see the division master. She wanted to ask the master what kind of magic nucleus would be appropriate for the bow.


The shop a.s.sistant knocked on the wooden door.


“May I ask for the division master, please? I’m from the gold-smelting weapon shop. Someone wants to by your dark purple longbow in our shop. Do you have the time to meet?”

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 202

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