The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 210

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Chapter 210 - Chapter 210: Archer Branch (2)

“In each branches, students are given a chance to prove their strength. If you’re confident enough with your strength, you can challenge students from other at the end of every week. If you won, you can directly go into the challenged cla.s.s.” Xie Yun explained.


Shen Yanxiao seriously listened all the way. The pharmaceutical branch also had this promotion system but the pharmacist students were more compet.i.tive. The other branches didn’t have the intense compet.i.tion that existed in the pharmaceutical branch.  Just occasionally, one or two students who challenged other would end up with bad results.


Xie Yun only led Shen Yanxiao until the door of the cla.s.sroom. He didn’t go inside but instead called the mentor.


"This student will be in your cla.s.s." Xie Yun pointed to Shen Yanxiao and said to the mentor in charge of the red cla.s.s.


The mentor looked like 40 years old and he had no expression on his face. He looked at Shen Yanxiao from head to toe: "What 's your name?”


"Xiao Yan." Shen Yanxiao replied.


"Oh, then come in." The mentor did not say anything else; he turned around and went inside again.


Xie Yun gave Shen Yanxiao a rea.s.suring look. Shen Yanxiao followed the mentor into the cla.s.sroom.


She had to say that the gap between the red cla.s.s and the purple cla.s.s was really...




In the pharmaceutical branch’s purple cla.s.s which Shen Yanxiao attends, there’s no student that wasn’t as busy as a bee, waiting for every mentor’s nonsense to write down. But in the red cla.s.s of the archer branch, it’s a completely different scene.


There were hundreds of people inside the whole room. However there were two kind of scenes. Half of the students were diligently studying and had fire in their eyes while the other half was just lazily lying on their desks.


Shen Yanxiao found a seat in the back and sat down.


The mentor continued the lectures.    


This current situation in the red cla.s.s had in fact existed in all the branches. This was mainly because the previous cla.s.s test was too outrageous, it was not about strength but luck. This had led to a lot of talented students who had bad luck to roll into the red These students naturally didn’t want to stay in the tail of the cla.s.s, that’s why everyday they would worked hard and challenged other students in the higher cla.s.s at the end of every week, praying that they could immediately get out from this embarra.s.sing cla.s.s.


And for the rest of those students, their original strength was not good and they didn’t have strong ambition. With their nonchalant att.i.tude, they’re just always idling around.


Anyway, Shen Yanxiao didn’t have the time to pay this few people any mind. She just wanted to take this opportunity to quickly improve her strength.


Later in the afternoon when the cla.s.s finally ended, Shen Yanxiao was planning to go back, unfortunately she encountered a familiar guy in the hallway.


"Isn’t this the brat that day?" Wan Li was surprised to see Shen Yanxiao wearing a red robe; he frowned.


"Who is this?" The juvenile next to Wan Li obviously hadn’t seen Shen Yanxiao before.


"Nothing." Wan Li thought about how he hadn’t seen Shen Yanxiao in the archer branch before. He was not also wearing a school uniform the last time he saw Shen Yanxiao in the Black City. He didn’t think that this low-key local tyrant was actually his schoolmate. But…


Looking at the red robe in Shen Yanxiao’s body and then looking at his own body that was wearing a purple robe, he proudly sticked out his chest.


Was it that great to have money? In the end he’s just a useless waste. Even if this kid could afford a bow worth 3 million, he’s only in a garbage heap like the red cla.s.s.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 210

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