The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 215

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Chapter 215 - Chapter 215: One-sided (1)

Tang Nazhi didn't force Shen Jue to go. Don’t be fooled by this kid’s weak structure, it may looked like he’s someone who's easily influenced but actually this boy was not at all easy to control. He's actually someone who’ll do whatever he wants stubbornly to death. If he didn't want to do it then even if you break your tongue persuading him, it was still useless.



The next afternoon, after in the archer branch was dismissed, the students didn't followed their own routine of grabbing their meal as usual. They instead walked in groups towards the shooting field.

As the last day of the week, every practice field of each branches staged a variety of challenges. The teenagers who lived a boring life everyday and were fond of finding thrill would always go into the practice field at this time to watch the various one-on-one battles.

The shooting field of the archer branch was packed with people. Most of them came to see the great show. Only 10 students were actual partic.i.p.ants of different challenges.

Wan Li had been waiting in the shooting field and he was surrounded by a group of archer students in the first grade.

"Wan Li, do you really need to accept the challenge of that trash?" The news that Wan Li was taking  part in a challenge this weekend had long been spread throughout the first grade students. Everyone was mourning for the ignorant challenger.

Wan Li had a proud face and he said rather arrogantly: "Since he wishes it, why won't I give him a chance?"

"But how could he be your opponent?" In the entire grade, one couldn't find someone who could be on par with Wan Li. Although Wan Li was arrogant, he really had some strength.

"I heard that mentor Xie Yun will also come today." Another student quietly said.

The other students looked at Wan Li with envious eyes at once.

"Mentor Xie Yun really values you, ah. Knowing that you're going to partic.i.p.ate in a challenge, he actually came to personally watch."

As the president of the archer branch, Xiu Yun hardly comes to watch the challenges between students. However, today was an exception, everyone had thought that it was all because of Wan Li.

"The last time that Senior Meng Yijun took part in a challenge, mentor Xie Yun didn't come to watch. Wan Li, your reputation is really big."

Wan Li proudly stick out his chest. He really had no idea that Xie Yun would come. But now that he knew, he’d surely put on a good performance. His only fear was that the opponent's strength would be too bad and that would not give him a chance to show off his skills. Wan Li began to feel distressed. How could he humiliate that boy named Xiao Yan and at the same time extend the time of their battle so that he can have a good performance in front of Xie Yun?

Not long after, just like those students had said, Xie Yun arrived at the shooting field. The moment he had entered the shooting field, the whole place turned dead silent and all eyes were casted on him.

The youths who were ready to go to war were also obediently standing at the side.

If Ouyang Huanyu was said to be the idol of the whole magician branch of Holy Roland School, then Xie Yun was the G.o.d in the minds of every archer students.

Wan Li was in high spirits as he smilingly walked towards Xie Yun and respectfully said: "Mentor Xie Yun, you came."

Xie Yun nodded and then absent-mindedly looked at the students in the shooting field.

He heard from the other mentors yesterday that a few days ago, the little guy he had stuffed into the red cla.s.s had incredibly challenged Wan Li of the purple cla.s.s and that really surprised him.

He had some impressions of Wan Li. Even though the temperament of this youth was impetuous, but his talent was pretty good.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 215

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