The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 218

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Chapter 218 - Chapter 218: The Start of the Challenge (1)

Almost all of the people had put their bets for Wan Li’s victory and only the four animals who had started the gambling had silently put theirs for Shen Yanxiao.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Shen Yanxiao stood in front of Wan Li, and her pet.i.te figure looked so fragile being next to him.

Such a sharp contrast, it made most people abandon all hope for Shen Yanxiao’s victory.

“You really dared to come.” Wan Li raised his head arrogantly, looking down at the opponent in front of him with disdain.

“Why won’t I?” Shen Yanxiao slightly smiled before taking off the Purple Baron on her back. She then raised her eyebrow and looked at Wan Li who was full of confidence and then said: “Stop with the nonsense. Just tell me how the challenge would be played out.”

This kid, his death was near at hand but he’s still so insolent! Wan Li saw the unperturbed expression of Shen Yanxiao, just like a calm water, and he almost spit out blood from being depressed.

“It’s simple. There will be three rounds!  Fixed target, Moving target and a Showdown. If you win two games, you’ll win.” Wan Li secretly sneered, he’s afraid that this boy didn’t know the rules of the challenge. Truly, ignorant was fearless.

“I understand.” Shen Yanxiao believed that she understood the three types of the match.

“Very well.” Wan Li sneered and nodded. He then turned to look at Xie Yun and his proud face had been replaced with respect.

“Mentor Xie Yun, today, I was forced to accept the challenge of this cla.s.smate. But I’d like this to be a fair compet.i.tion, so I’d like to ask you to be the referee.” Wan Li’s mind had started to scheme. As long as Xie Yun promised to be their referee for this challenge, he would surely see the end of the three matches before he could leave. And that ensured that he would have enough time to demonstrate his talents in front of Xie Yun.

For the so-called “forced” of Wan Li, Shen Yanxiao sneered at him in her heart. How come the only thing she remembered that day was that this idiot was the one who had forcefully blocked her path? Did she invited herself to challenge him? And also, was she tough enough to challenge him?

Xie Yun glanced at Wan Li, and then looked at Shen Yanxiao. His heart hesitated for a moment before he said: “Alright. But keep in mind that this is but a mere small compet.i.tion; you must bear in mind when to stop. Make sure to not hurt each other.” Since he couldn’t put a halt in the match anymore, he could only rely on his own existence to let Wan Li exercised some restraint. As for the little thoughts of Wan Li, how could the sharp-witted Xie Yun not see what he was thinking?

“Mentor Xie Yun actually promised Wan Li to be their referee, G.o.d!!! The weight of Wan Li in mentor Xie Yun’s heart is really...” The students on the sidelines were incomparably amazed with the compliance of Xie Yun. Although there had been people before who had asked mentor Xie Yun to be their referee, but they just got ignored.

Today, not only did Xie Yun unexpectedly come to the shooting field, but also boldly agreed to become a referee. This was simply unbelievable.

How talented they need to be to move Xie Yun? Ah!

Now, everyone was very aware of how highly Xie Yun valued Wan Li, otherwise, he would not repeatedly make exceptions for him.

There was no thrill about this match at all, it’s all about Wan Li’s personal show.

Everyone wiped away their cold sweat for Shen Yanxiao. She should have challenged those who were not as good as Wan Li. Because Wan Li was the talent that mentor Xie Yun fancied, ah.

“Thank you, mentor.” Wan Li respectfully gave his thanks then he turned to look at Shen Yanxiao in an extremely arrogant manner.

“What are you waiting for? We can start now.”

Shen Yanxiao’s tranquil mouth slightly hooked up into a brilliant smile, her clear eyes gleamed with a bad light.

“Sure, we can... let’s start then.”

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 218

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