The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 220

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Chapter 220 - Chapter 220: The Start of the Challenge (3)

“Ten arrows!? He’s really not planning to shoot that many at once is he? That’s crazy!”


Even if you couldn’t win, you should not abandon yourself to such a point!!!


Almost no one understood what Shen Yanxiao’s really planning at this moment, even Xie Yun was in a cold sweat when he saw this.


Constant voices of mockery could be heard everywhere, but Shen Yan Xiao turned a deaf ear to all of them. She was quietly ignoring all insults and disturbances in the surroundings so she could concentrate on the bow and the arrows in her hands. The dull Purple Baron emitted a faint purple glow all of a sudden, and from the center of the bow projected a light as equally dazzling as the gleam of the bow. A silvery glow flew towards the target but the only thing they heard was a whistling sound in the air.


Then, the second silvery light flashed with more amazing speed chasing the first flying arrow.


Third, fourth, fifth...


The dazzling silvery lights had flew away almost at the same time. The short time of releasing the arrows one after another made people unable to react, they could only see ten silvery lights flying at an extremely fast speed in an orderly pa.s.sion. Then these originally separated silvery lights had merged in the moment they were near the bullseye!










Ten crisp sounds almost at the same time resounded throughout the shooting field.


All the people present were unaware of what had happened. It was not until the last sound fell that people hesitated to look at the target.


On the bullseye 100 meters away, 19 arrows had actually appeared out of thin air!


They lined up directly at the center and split up in two!


"How come there are nineteen arrows ..." People were very puzzled. Before, they had clearly seen the hands of Shen Yan Xiao holding only ten arrows. How in the blink of an eye, there were even more than nine arrows on the target ?


Wan Li astonis.h.i.+ngly looked at the center of Shen Yanxiao's target. The arrows were at the bullseye, that meant their accuracy were comparable!


How can this be!


"You cheated!!" Wan Li immediately glared at Shen Yan Xiao. It’s clearly a match of 10 arrows, but nineteen feather arrows had unexpectedly appeared on the target. Clearly, Shen Yanxiao had cheated!


Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow then arrogantly glanced at the angered Wan Li, and then sneered: "Idiot."


"You!" Wan Li was really angry. He just wanted to rush up and argue with this stinking brat, but Xie Yun opened his mouth at that moment.


"He didn’t cheat, he only used ten arrows." Xie Yun's face looked a bit weird, his eyes directly skipped the figure of Wan Li to looked at Shen Yanxiao.


The moment he saw the target, he also had a trace of doubt. But after carefully looking, he finally understood.


"But!" Wan Li wanted to say something, but immediately got interrupted by Xie Yun: “Don’t say anymore, just let people take a look at Xiao Yan's target to understand."


As soon as Xie Yun's voice landed on the ground and with a meaningful glance from him, one of the student immediately ran towards the location of the target. Afterwards, he carried Shen Yanxiao's target back.


But the student's face was not very good looking.


The target was placed in front of the crowd, and when everyone saw the 19 arrows on the bullseye, they gasped at the same time.


The nineteen arrows were simply nine arrows that had been split through the middle, leaving only one complete arrow at the center of the target, while the remaining eighteen arrows were evenly divided at the sides of the intact arrow.


Shen Yanxiao didn’t cheat, she just used some skills to turn the original ten arrows into nineteen, and this skill was enough to make the whole Archer Branch boiling!

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 220

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