The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 243

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Chapter 243 - Interrogation (2)

"Don’t you know the school’s regulations? The Warlock Branch is not a place that any student can access." Even if Qi Xia didn’t frankly told him that, Ouyang Huanyu would still believe that they weren't the new student that Yun Qi was teaching. Even if that old man planned to get students, it’s impossible for it to be these five people in front of him especially when the two of them were the new pharmacist students, Tang Nazhi and Shen Jue and the other three were the top students of their own branch and have great innate skill at their own profession. It was impossible for them to become a student of the Warlock Branch.

The odds of even one of this people joining the Warlock Branch was zero.

"We’re really sorry for getting our little curiosity ahead of us, we promise not to do it next time.”


Qi Xia's manner in admitting his mistake was unusually good.

Tang Nazhi and the others also obediently walked beside him before giving a bow up to their waist as they wait for Ouyang Huanyu to reprimand them.

Their appearance just looked like five mischievous students that were caught in the act.

Although Ouyang Huanyu hadn’t talk to the students for a while, as the Dean of the Holy Roland School, he was still concerned about the talents of each branch.

Aside from that, excluding that imp Shen Jue from the five students in front of him, the rest of them were important sons of the five great clans. Just this ident.i.ty was enough to cast aside the thought of them being a Warlock as it’s absolutely impossible for a member of those clan’s main branch to have someone set foot on the Warlock’s path.

"Tonight, I’ll pretend that I didn’t saw any of you. So go back to your quarters and rest, but the next time I found someone sneaking into the Warlock Branch, I will give a punishment in accordance with the rules." Ouyang Huanyu didn’t intend to humiliate these five little guys, for even though they were still young, each of them was a genius of the Long Xuan Empire that was rarely seen in a lifetime. With them in the Holy Roland School, the average level of the Holy Roland students would be greatly improved.

"Thank you, Dean!"

"Hurry up and go.” Ouyang Huanyu urgently made them leave, he didn’t want for such an interlude to be the cause of his failure to catch the little Warlock.

"Yes!" The five people, as if had received a great favor, immediately left in front of Ouyang Huanyu.

Shen Yanxiao was rendered speechless because of this sudden change as Qi Xia dragged her to leave the Warlock Branch.

But Qi Xia didn’t intend to go back to the dormitory and instead brought Shen Yanxiao to the Holy Roland School’s garden pavilion.

Looking at the four juvenile in front of her, Shen Yanxiao's heart slightly sighed.

Qi Xia crossed his arms at his chest, he looked calm even in this current predicament as he took a good look at the complex expression of Shen Yanxiao, his s.e.xy lips were pressed together before it hook up into a curve, his body slightly leaned forward as he watched Shen Yanxiao and said: "You say, should we continue to call you Shen Jue, or should it be Xiao Yan now? Or what other name? "

Qi Xia's words made Shen Yanxiao froze in an instant.

His words was telling her that he already knew her other ident.i.ty, Xiao Yan!

Tang Nazhi’s expression was also very strange, he looked at Shen Yanxiao then at Qi Xia before his hand pulled Qi Xia away from Shen Yanxiao and muttered: “It’s the middle of the night, you shouldn’t scare him.”

Qi Xia shrugged and looked at Shen Yanxiao and said: "Initially, we went to the Archer Branch and found out that the little guy named Xiao Yan was somewhat similar to you. At first, I wasn’t too concerned about it, but it was quite interesting that while you were sick and had rest for the following days, not only Shen Jue of the Pharmaceutical Branch took an absent, even Xiao Yan was also absent for several days. I say, little Jue, do you still think it’s all coincidental?”

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 243

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