The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 256

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Chapter 256 - Dou Qi Branch (3)

What’s with this difference in treatment?

The purple cla.s.s students were not fools. That outstanding skills that Shen Yanxiao had showed them in the shooting field before could absolutely crush all of them. Naturally, Xie Yun's eyes would not let off of such a good seedling.

"What's strange about that? Or do you think that you can also get the attention of mentor Xie Yun? Save it, unless you have the same skill as Xiao Yan. Otherwise, just behave and listen to the lectures." A few students were envious, but they were also very clear of how big was the gap between them and Xiao Yan.

They might be students belonging in the same cla.s.s, however the distance between them and Xiao Yan was like a chasm that couldn't be crossed.

The Dou Qi Branch and Magic Branch was about half an hour's walk away from the Holy Roland School. Xie Yun and Shen Yanxiao sat together on an exclusive carriage. The four red-flame horses gallop about wildly, reaching their destination with less than 15 minutes.

The two branches stood aloft side-by-side and they appeared much larger than the branches in the Holy Roland School.

Those students who had not yet broken through the Rank 6 of dou qi and magic were divided into two directions. And the number of people in each of the two branches was naturally much higher than the Magician Branch that was known to have a lot of students.

The courses of the Dou Qi and Magic Branch were different from those of the main branches. They have all day, and in the afternoon, they held an actual practice.

Xie Yun led Shen Yanxiao inside the Dou Qi Branch. There wasn't even a shadow of a student that could be seen in the roads of the entire branch. Shen Yanxiao silently followed behind Xie Yun, walking to the short road. From the empty road, they arrived at an open practice field.

"There are 12 practice fields in the Dou Qi Branch and each site can accommodate thousands of people. And these days, a test on dou qi is being held. Every site has 10 testing stones that the Holy Roland School has lent out." Xie Yun stood at the entrance of the practice field as he watched the students competing with each others as their practice.

These students were generally around the age of 15. Some of them would soon breakthrough to rank 6 of dou qi and they would transfer from the Dou Qi Branch into the Holy Roland School’s main branch after choosing one of the three profession to cultivate.

Compared with the main branches in the Holy Roland School, the age of the students here were young. Even so, Shen Yanxiao was still younger than them.

And this obviously younger student had already surpa.s.sed the rank 6 of dou qi. Not only that but she had also shown a great talent in archery. These students, on the other hand, were still struggling in the Dou Qi Branch.

Who was beneath the other was plainly obvious with just a quick glance.

The mentor in charge of the practice field had soon notice the figure of Xie Yun. The mentor handed his task to his companions then walked over to Xie Yun's direction afterwards.

"President Xie Yun, what are you doing here?" The mentor smilingly looked at Xie Yun and asked. The mentor was just an ordinary mentor of the Dou Qi Branch, unlike Xie Yun who was the president of a main branch.

Xie Yun responded: "I'm here to send something to the president of the branch. By the way, take this student over here and test his dou qi."

All the testing stones of the Holy Roland School were lent out to both Dou Qi Branch and Magic Branch. Thus, Xie Yun has the right to demand such thing.

After hearing the words of Xie Yun, only then did the mentor noticed Shen Yanxiao who stood beside him.

Shen Yanxiao's stature was very pet.i.te, her thin shoulders seemed to have no strength to pull a bow, and there was no expression on her small face. No matter how the mentor looked at her, he couldn't find anything special that could incredibly let Xie Yun personally brought her over.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 256

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